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I am always on the look out for a vehicle that will make my life easier. We have too many people for a car , and my kids are really too tall for some SUVs, but testing them out is always nice!

Recently we had the opportunity to check out the Acura RDX. I loved driving it on my own and with only one child. There was lots of room and it really was great to drive. Merging on the highway, passing and cruising were all really nice. The Acura RDX has lots of power and all of the electronic extras you could want. Back up camera, navigation and XM radio were some of my faves. The sensors letting you know there is a vehicle in your blindspot is nice too.

Sadly I found my teen boys did not have enough leg room in the backseat even though it seats 5 comfortably. My boys are both over 6 foot so most kids would be more than comfortable. So as a family vehicle, this would not work for us. If my children were younger, it would have been perfect! My daughter and I went on an outing with her friend and her mom. Two booster seats in the back and two adults int eh front were the best scenario with lots of room.

Acura RDX

As an upgrade from a car this is a great choice. Very comfortable and nice to drive. I gladly took my kids wherever they wanted to go with it as it was fun to drive.


  • Jewel Eye LED headlights and LED taillamps
  • One-touch power moonroof with tilt feature and visor
  • Power tailgate
  • Acura 360-watt Premium Sound System with SiriusXM*, MP3/Windows Media® Audio capability, in-dash CD player and 7 speakers
  • Multi-angle rearview camera* with guidelines
  • Driver’s seat with 8-way power adjustment including lumbar support and 2-position memory
  • Smart entry with pushbutton start
  • AcuraWatch driver-assist features

xm radio

Driving on winding country roads with the sunroof open, was effortless and following behind distracted drivers was not stressful. The advanced radar system would brake if the car in-front of me made a sudden stop. For distracted new parents, this vehicle would be great. There is no doubt this vehicle had every safety feature parents would want and more. I wish I had it when my older three were younger.


The back up camera is an added bonus if you have children or animals around your home. It was very comforting to be able to see clearly where I normally could not.


The heated leather seats were wonderful for chilly mornings. Plus as I drive I find I heat up where everyone else did not. Luckily the seats also had cooling. Now that is luxury!

I also loved how much room was n the back for shopping and groceries. This vehicle starts at $41000 brand new. You can read more about it here You can always pop into a dealer near you and take one out for a drive too!

With the back being such a great size, the spare tire easily hid underneath.


My kids also loved that the head rests were adjustable.

back-of acura

If you are looking to upgrade from a car then this is for you. Good for a couple or a small, younger family. Lots of extras that make traveling fun, comfortable, reliable and safe.

What do you think?



  1. I like it. I need a car too and I was looking at the RAV4, Nissan, and Honda. They are all nice and little too expensive for me. I haven’t decided yet. Good luck to you!

  2. I love how they put the spare in its own compartment. The MIL’s vehicle has the same compartment plus a smaller one for a tire iron & jack. Love the look of the vehicle too! They have some pretty sweet looking cars on their site too.

  3. Diana Corlett says

    Looks great and I would love love love the blind spot sensors! One of my biggest concerns about my current vehicle….

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