Why Be Boring When You Can Have One Of These Unique Careers

If waking up every day and heading out to a regular 9 to 5 job doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, the thought of getting a job must be a scary one. After all, following a regular routine isn’t for everyone. Some of us need some spontaneity in our lives! So for those of you who want to break out of the office job and escape the rat race, here are some unique careers to consider!


Ski instructor

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Ski Instructor

If you take a ski holiday every winter, you should be a pro out on the slopes. Become a ski instructor by turning this annual hobby into a job! This also gives you a great excuse to go traveling, as you could head off to Europe and hit the Alps. But there are also plenty of options if you want to stay in The States too. And don’t worry about only getting work through the winter months. Many ski resorts also open through the spring and summer, as they are popular with ramblers who want to go hiking in the mountains.

Tour Guide
Are you really passionate about your hometown? If so, and it has a large tourism industry, you could think about becoming a tour guide. As part of your job as a tour guide, you will be responsible for showing a group of visitors around town. You’ll have to tell them all the cool facts you know about your area’s culture and history, as well as showing them fascinating landmarks. This is another job that could lead to travel as well. If you’ve always wanted to move abroad, learn about your chosen country and city’s heritage and culture. Then you could take your tour guide skills with you!


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If you love cooking and thinking of exciting new dishes in your kitchen, why not sign up to a cookery course? Being a chef gives you the chance to show off your culinary skills to a wider audience. To start off with, you will begin with a junior position in a restaurant’s kitchen. Eventually, you will be able to work your way up. One day you may even be given the esteemed role of Head Chef! As Head Chef, you will be in charge of the menus and general running of the kitchen. You never know, you may even go on to open your very own restaurant in the future!


If you think babies are just the cutest, how about becoming a midwife? These nurses specialize in helping and supporting women through childbirth. It is a very special job, as you will be the first person welcoming new life into the world. You may even be the very first person who the baby sees! Midwives generally work shifts and, due to the nature of the work, no two days will ever be the same. It is certainly a great career choice for those who want to be kept on their toes!

So why stay in the office when you can start one of these unique career paths?


  1. Some very interesting jobs for sure, I think it would be cool to be a tour guide or even a midwife get to see all the babies being born!!

  2. Those are interesting choice. I would love to be a tour guide. My tour guide in Mexico where awesome!

  3. I would love to be a tour guide. I think that it would be so much fun showing visitors the hidden gems our area has to offer 🙂

  4. Victoria Ess says

    I’d love to be a chef!

  5. I would love being a tour guide!

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