Car Maintenance Tips

Every fall, preparing your car for the Winter season is something that most Pennsylvania car owners budget some time for. However, in addition to ensuring that you have the right amount of fluids and your battery is solid, there are some other types of maintenance that this is the right time of year for.

Here are some Winter maintenance ideas that will help ensure that your car is running and operating safely during the cold season:

Steering alignment: During the course of the year it is easy to hit potholes and other road obstacles that throw your steering alignment off and cause your car to drift to the left or right when you are not correcting your steering with your wheel. One way to test this is to take your hands off the wheel temporarily while driving on a clear day with no snow or water in an empty parking lot. If your car moves to the left or right, you should likely take it in so that the dealer or mechanic can re-align your steering. Without the correction, Winter driving becomes more dangerous and the uneven wear on your tires will keep them from performing as you need them to.

Wheel alignment: Pennsylvania wheel alignment is also commonly called tire alignment depending upon where you are. The idea here is to have a specialist like balance and re-align your tires so that all four tires are performing at their peak level while you are out on the Winter roads. If all four of your tires are the same age and brand and model, they will also look at rotating them in order to give you the longest possible wear from your existing set. If you have mixed and matched in the past because one or more tires wore out, they will also ensure that your set of tires is wearing as evenly as possible and that they are gripping the road as they should.

Brake Rotor check: At the same time as you consider alignment, it is also a good idea to look at checking your brake rotors while you are in because you will rely extensively on your brakes to keep you safe during the Winter driving season. In most cases, even if there is some wear on the rotors, you can safely turn them without having to replace them. The upside is that they will perform much better when you need them.

Wheel Alignment

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