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Winter months in Canada are very hard on our homes both inside and out. The sunshine hits during the start of Spring and we all just want to let it in. We open our windows, clean our homes and try to get rid of any clutter we may have collected over the cooler months. This is why many of us are excited to start our Spring cleaning. Spring cleaning in my home lasts for about a month, cleaning both inside and out. Raking the yard and cleaning up any damage the harsh winter may have caused outside, then decluttering and scrubbing the inside of the house one room at a time. The biggest job year after year seems to be the kitchen as it has the most to clean. The fridge always has something expired and the oven usually has a few spilled messes that need to be cleaned up. The cupboards, floors and dishwasher all needs to be cleaned.

Have you ever given your dishwasher a deep cleaning? If you are like me, maybe you thought running it to wash your dishes was good enough for a cleaning. I honestly never thought to clean mine further until recently and now I am cringing.


No doubt the dishwasher has seen better days but I really did not realize it had so much build up and gunk in it. The kids are not great at remembering to rinse dishes either before loading.


Hard water stains, residue, grease and lime scale all were starting to build up without me noticing. These are just the parts I could see, imagine the spots I could not see?


Introducing Finish ® Dishwasher Cleaner

Available for the affordable price of $4.99 at Loblaws, Walmart, RCSS, Canadian Tire, No Frills, Sobeys, Metro, Food Basics, and Fresh Co.


I added the Finish® Dishwasher Cleaner to my dishwasher and ran it on the hottest cycle. It was super easy to use, just take off lid, flip upside-down and add to the appliance. I seriously noticed a huge difference instantly and will now be doing this monthly. My glasses were even starting to look foggy and now are clear and shiny again.


As you can see the build-up was drastically reduced and the rack was cleaner than before using.


It felt good knowing that my Dishwasher was so clean and my family would be eating off dishes that are now cleaner than ever before. Especially the parts I could not wipe and clean like filters, spray arms, pipes and any grooves I could not reach or see.

If you have not yet tried Finish® Dishwasher Cleaner, now is the time! Make it part of your Spring cleaning ritual and add it to your monthly routine. It will keep your dishwasher fresh and clean and well-maintained.

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Have you had a chance to start your Spring cleaning yet? Share your tips below!


  1. I literally just bought this! Works like a charm!

  2. Mine could use this right now! I think the dishwasher is dirtier than the dishes I put in it.

  3. My dishes have not been coming out that clean lately. I’m going to give this a try! I told my husband I wanted a new dishwasher, this would be cheaper LOL.

  4. I used this when we moved into our rental!! I couldn’t believe how bad the dishwasher was it did a great job at cleaning it up!

  5. I love using Finish to clean my dishwasher! It makes me feel SO much better about the next few wash cycles!

  6. This is exactly what we use to. I love how clean it makes our dishwasher. It certainly works great!

  7. I use this product and am shocked how well it works! I really do love it.

  8. I have never thought about doing this either! I need to pick some of this up ASAP, we are in a rental and I bet it has never been done!

  9. I definitely need to clean my dishwasher! It’s one of those things you just don’t think about. I’m adding Finish Dishwasher Cleaner to my shopping list.

  10. Wow! What a great result. I guess I need to try that. Thanks!

  11. I just tried Finish in my dishwasher this weekend. I am amazed with how clean my machine is now. I never thought to clean the dishwasher.

  12. Pretty impressive cleaning job! I just stocked up on Finish brand products myself!

  13. I cannot get over the difference between the before and after. I am heading to get some of this Finish for my dishwasher.

  14. I definitely need to try this out! I find my dishwasher isn’t working as well as it used to!

  15. I so need to do this… I have NEVER cleaned my dishwasher. I plan on picking some up this weekend.

  16. We sadly don’t have room here for a dishwasher, one day I hope we will though. But I will have to tell my parents about this. x

  17. Wow, what a difference it made! We love this…works great every time 🙂

  18. I have used this before and it worked great! I see you had similar results.

  19. Nancy Polanco says

    We use Finish all the time, it’s our go-to. Never thought to clean it like this. Going to do this now!

  20. When we did have a dishwasher Finish was our brand of choice! Not only did it leave the dishes sparkling but it always made our dishwasher look amazing too!

  21. My washer could use a little love. Hard to remember to wash the washer 😉

  22. Wowsers, I could probably use this instead of spraying a diluted bleach solution in the base of my washer lol!

  23. I’m embarrassed to admit that we don’t have a working dishwasher presently. We’ve just been dragging our feet with fixing and cleaning the existing one, or buying a new one. But this post was perfect timing for me because we definitely need to be on top of deep cleaning our dishwasher when it is running. And hopefully that will be this week!

  24. Wow, your before and after pictures really show a difference!
    I was not thinking of the need to clean my dishwasher.

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