How To Get Your Kids Set For College

It’s really hard saying goodbye to your kids when it’s time to head back to college. In the first year, you know they’ll be back every five minutes to get their laundry done, borrow some money, and eat a hearty home-cooked meal. But the second year is different. They’re all grown up with a wealth of experience under their belt from the last twelve months. And they’re not in halls on campus anymore. They’re about to go it alone in the big wide world.

If your baby is soon to move into a rental accommodation, they’re going to need to be kitted out. Most places that college kids rent are fully furnished, but there will be plenty of things they’ll need now they’re not in halls and sharing a room. Now they have their own bedroom, they’re going to need some bedding and tips on how to make the bed! Lots of Moms let them take their bed sets from home rather than buying new. You might want to get them a new pillow and throw, though.

College Kids

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Of course, some kids in the city Universities prefer to rent lofts with their friends. This can be much cheaper and can keep them close to the campus. But they’re going to need far more bits and pieces. Crockery, glassware, kettles, and cookware are all available reasonably cheaply. You can get them from big department stores or even the big supermarkets. However, if you want something that’s going to last, you might prefer to buy something with good reviews.

There are websites online that specialize in reviewing products that you might need to buy for your child. You can read more about TheSmartConsumer to find out how it works. It’s often best to choose rated products over impulse buys if you want something that will last well and is a good quality product. It will save you having to buy the same thing twice.

Make sure your kids brush up on their essay writing skills and know to ask for help if needed. There are tutors available as well as teachers willing to help after class. If needed you can buy great essay on this site to help save time.

Your kids will also need to buy more clothes while they are away at college. This can be quite expensive to do on a student’s budget. You might choose to open an account at one of the fashion stores near to their campus. That way they can buy what they need, and it will be charged to you. Alternatively, why not feed an allowance directly into your son or daughter’s bank account to cover their expenses?

Once they have everything they need for the kitchen and bedroom, it’s time to pick up all those other bits and pieces. If they have a car, you might pop a box in the trunk with extra screen wash, wiper blades, and headlamp bulbs. Pack a few towels for the bathroom, and a handy wash bag of their favorite products. You could even buy them a brand new laptop to get them through another year of hard study. Why not pop a subscription TV service onto it?

Whenever the kids move out of the home, they’re going to need these basics to get them started. It’s never easy saying goodbye, but you know they’ll be back. 

How did you prepare your kids for post secondary school?



  1. mines going to be done school in june, and we are already looking at the incentives they have for college grads to be home owners!! She also had her first job interview on Wed (she traveled 1.5 hrs for it) and she will know if she has the job or not (her last job interview was at age 15) So excited for her!!

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