Help Your Children Sleep Through The Night With Only A Few Simple Changes


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We have all been there. At least I hope this to be true. When a fellow mom tells you how well their child is sleeping, and you look particularly bedraggled from a previous bad night with your little one. Children don’t always sleep through straight away. Whether they are babies are older not one child is the same. So don’t worry if your child struggles. But, there are a few things you can do to help aid a good night’s sleep for them. By achieving that you get some shut eye yourself, so everyone wins. Here’re a few simple changes that you can make to help your children sleep through the night.

No drinks before bed

Getting up for the bathroom can be one of the most common requests from a little one during the night. That or having accidents while they sleep causing them to wake. Mostly this can be caused due to drinking too much in the evening. Try and limit the intake of fluids from a certain point and make sure you encourage toilet breaks often in the evening to avoid problems in the night.

Their mattress could be uncomfortable

Have you ever thought that your children may be waking up because they are uncomfortable? What you may think feels fine may not feel the same for them. It’s best to involve them in any purchases like that to make sure they are happy with it. If you need to change the mattress then doing some research on sites like is a great place to start.


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Establish a good bedtime routine

Having a good routine in place at bedtime handles your child’s expectations. They will know what is to come and about to happen. Within your routine establish quiet time and relaxation. Try and dim the lights as much as possible and even read a story to calm the evening down before bed. It’s also advisable to stick to the timings. So heading upstairs at a similar time, getting into bed at a similar time. Even trying to wake the children in the mornings at the same time.

Be consistent

When it comes to establishing a routine, the best advice would be to be consistent with it. Each night do the same thing. If they get up at night, handle it in the same way. Be that taking them back to bed or comforting them in the same way. They will begin to see that this is the way it is and be happy to work with you on things. Children thrive on consistency

Develop a positive attitude towards bed

It is no good being negative about the situation. Expecting the worse to happen or being negative towards a bedtime scenario. Your children can pick up on those vibes and react. Not how you would want them to either. So remain positive about the situation and let your children pick up those vibes.

I hope this helps you improve your child’s sleep patterns and help them sleep through the night. Sometimes it is the simplest changes that can make the biggest differences.



  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    Some helpful tips here for parents – most of mine loved going to bed.

  2. Great tips, and it’s great to have a good routine going too!!

  3. Will share these with my daughter,thanks!

  4. Great tips, will be sharing with my daughter, my youngest granddaughter not the greatest sleepers. My daughter does have a routine but my granddaughter just wake up all the time.

  5. Very nice and helpful tips for the kids. Good job

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