How To Pick The Best Monogram Cake Topper For Your Wedding Day

You’ve picked the venue, booked the photographer, and ordered the cake. All the components for your big day are coming together flawlessly. Now it’s time to focus on the smaller details.

When planning a wedding, it’s important to think on a detail-oriented level. Every small decorative element comes together to create an extraordinary display that showcases your personal style. Choosing your monogram wedding cake toppers might not seem like something you should worry about, but having the right one makes the difference between a good-looking cake, and a stunning visual piece worthy of your family and friends’ admiration.

With the sheer number of wedding cake toppers available for purchase, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which one would be best. Knowing your theme can help you make a final decision. Below, we’ve laid out the most popular wedding themes, along with some wedding toppers to match. If you don’t see your theme here, or desire something different, we invite you to explore our DIY cake topper page, where you can custom design a cake topper for your specific needs.

Wedding cake toppers

  1. Rustic Chic

Characterized by an outdoor setting and country accessories, Rustic weddings (sometimes referred to as ‘barn weddings’ or ‘country weddings’) have become increasingly popular. Look for western wedding cake toppers made out of organic materials, such as wood or burlap, to complement the natural theme.

  1. Vintage

Whether you’re going for a 1920’s flapper theme, or a 1950’s Rockabilly theme, vintage weddings never go out of style. Depending on what era you’ve decided on, you’ll want to look for vintage wedding cake toppers with details that match the spirit of the decade. For a 1920’s or 1930’s wedding, capture the decadence of the Prohibition era and old Hollywood Glamour with Calla Lily or rose wedding cake toppers. For a rockabilly 1950s wedding, try a skull wedding topper to evoke the rock n’ roll spirit.

  1. Classic Romance

Few themes are more romantic than a classic fairytale wedding. A fairytale wedding topper, be it an actual Disney princess or a pumpkin coach, is sure to make any bride feel like a princess on her wedding day.

  1. Ethnic/Multicultural

An ethnic or multicultural wedding is about embracing one’s culture and bringing family traditions to life, and your wedding topper should reflect this. With ethnic cake toppers, you can display you and your fiancé’s new identity as a couple, and show guests how much you value your heritage.

  1. Seaside Celebration

For those getting married on the beach, you’ll want to look for something that compliments the beauty and serenity of the ocean. A beach shell or starfish topper will perfectly compliment a seaside celebration. If your wedding location is on a tropical island, consider this Hawaiian kiss or surfer couple to top your cake.


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  1. There is so many different wedding toppers nowadays, and you can even get custom made ones, a lot better than back in the day when there was just one style to choose from!

  2. What a great selection I really like there Beach Get Away” Wedding Cake Topper

  3. Wow cake toppers have sure come along way since i married,you can even customize design a cake topper for your specific needs thats just amazing.

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