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Disclosure: I am a P&G mom. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own.

Do you ever buy a product, bring it home, use it and think to yourself “I love this so much because of XYZ, I wish I could tell the company”? Or maybe the entire opposite. Maybe you had a real bad experience and feel others should know. I have always been a believer in providing feedback to brands about the products I use. Both good and bad. Often we will complain but seldom do people provide the valuable positive feedback. Both are needed and both are appreciated. This is how companies learn and grow.

00037000865056-Charmin-Ultra-Strong-White-Toilet-Paper  knows how important customer feedback is. Did you know they allow you to rate and review products you have used from them? All you have to do is register on their site (super easy) and then find the product. Don’t stress, there is a search bar. Click on “rate it” and leave your feedback. There are some star ratings but there is also an area to write your thoughts. For example I gave one product 5 stars all across but in the comments had to mention how the bottle design made it a bit slippery in the shower to hold onto. If you are not already signed up for their site, you should be. That is where you can find money saving coupons, tips and other valuable resources.

ratings and reviews

I recently received a few products with the task to test them out and provide my feedback. The items I received were



It was really interesting to read other people’s thoughts and reviews. Many seem to feel the same way. Being a mom of four I may have thought differently than someone with no children. I am glad they ask for your family info in your profile.



By submitting your ratings and reviews you are helping others save time and money on finding the products that are right for them. Many of us have great products we love and had no idea how great they would be. Share your thoughts in the Rates & reviews section of

Have you ever submitted a rating to P&G Ever day?


  1. I can’t remember if I’ve ever submitted anything to P&G Everyday, will have to check that out, though I do love going there for coupons! 🙂 Especially for Swiffer 360! I don’t want to live in a world without my Swiffer wand, lol! 😀

  2. I always enjoy reading other people’s reviews

  3. I never have and someones reviews wouldn’t make me buy or not buy something.

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