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As I sit here with my windows open letting the Spring air into my home, I look around and see some things I would like to change. Some details of my home I want to freshen up. especially in the kids rooms. Some of their bedding is old and mix matched and in much need of replacing. The boys do not seem to care to much but my daughter always loves fresh bedding. She has such a creative personality that her room should really reflect her style and mood. I really want to get her a new bedding set with matching curtains, sheets, pillow cases and a big fluffy comforter she can snuggle with. Something that will show off her personality and be easy to clean while not bothering her sensitive skin.

Plus it is always fun to have a room you can invite friends into that looks super cool. Or at least it is, when you are seven!

Introducing Dream Designs

Dream Designs is a woman-owned and operated natural lifestyle business in Vancouver, Canada. Currently in their fourth decade of operation, their talented team of designers and seamstresses work with premium organic and natural materials and apply meticulous attention to detail to create beautiful, useful, and durable products for the home.  A seriously local business on an infinitely global mission from day one, Dream Designs has always been about quality, purity, and style and we continue to stay true to our roots.

Whenever possible I shop local, shop Canadians. It is nice to support those around me and is nice to not worry about surprise costs when ordering online. Dream Designs can be ordered online (free shipping on select orders) or you can purchase their products in many retailers across Canada and USA. Just check out their site for a store near you.

Save now

Right now you can save 20% off Baby & Kids bedding and linens.

Dream design Sale

They have a huge variety of products that are organic, healthy and look great. Everything to make your child’s dream come true! Or at least yours, helping them have a healthy and happy good nights sleep.

With fun patterns like this Owl & Birds collection, you will be able to change up your child’s room in no time!

Owl bedding

Hurry as the sale ends April 15, 2016!

Dream Designs also has gift cards and a gift registry if you no somebody who is expecting, getting married or moving to a new home. Helping friends and loved ones decorate their homes, always feels great!

Dream Designs has everything you need for the bedroom, bathroom, home decor and more! Check them out

When was the last time you changed up your children’s rooms?


  1. luckily for me, my kids didn’t much care about what went on their beds. Now that both are moved out, quality sheets (1500 count) are what they get for Christmas presents lol

  2. About three years ago my now teen wanted a new look and actually saved her pennies to get the set she wanted. Sadly, although from a fairly decent bedding store, it did not last for too long. I know where to look for the next set now.

  3. I love that the company is woman owned. Can’t wait to check out all of their designs!

  4. Such cute designs and wonderful quality! Thanks for the discount code.

  5. I haven’t changed my kiddos rooms since we moved, which was just this last summer. I would love to change up my girls room…. They would love it too.

  6. With 5 kids soon 6 this sounds very helpful. Especially when my little ones wet the bed. I love all the selections they offer!

  7. Wow! I checked out the site and they have some great stuff! Might have to do a little shopping for new bedding now!

  8. shaunatorres says

    You know, both my girls just got new beds and have one set of bedding. It would be great to get them each a set or two more for when I am cleaning theirs. Thanks for this info 🙂

  9. We were just talking about needing to get the kids and the master bedroom new bedding because it has been YEARS and our blankets are flat and sheets threadbare. These designs are so cute!

  10. We have been talking (well I have been talking and my husband has been listening) for a while about redoing the boys room. I really need to figure out my plan and actually start doing it.

  11. I love that they are organic AND stylish! It’s hard to find that in bedding!

  12. SO cute, Love that floral design! Looks like a great company, I’ll have to check them out.

  13. I love the designs! My girls just recently got their own bedding set too. That’s great to hear about them being organic.

  14. I like the design plus it looks like had a great quality.

  15. These are so cute and I bet they are super soft too!

  16. A Dream Designs gift card would be a great gift for my Sister. Her birthday is coming up soon and i know she would love to change the look of her bedroom.

  17. I will have to check out Dream Designs. I am looking to redo the kids rooms soon.

  18. Good bedding is something you can never have too much of at your home.

  19. I love new, fresh bedding! And organic/natural is even better! I like to shop Canadian and not worry about duties etc. too. Thanks for introducing me to this new place to shop. 🙂

  20. Isn’t it funny how being able to open your windows and the freshness of Spring make you wan to change things, I for one want to tear my entire house apart and rearrange everything. 20% is a great discount for children’s bedding and something I’m going to have to check out.

  21. I am thinking of getting my daughter new bedding. She would love the Owls and Birds Collection as well.

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