6 Ways to Save Money when Shopping for your Family #PGMom

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For many years we were a single income family with three small kids. It made more sense for me to stay home with the kids, than send three to daycare. I loved being home with the kids and enjoyed every minute I got to spend seeing them grow. Some days were lonely and often our budget was stretched really thin. But I would not trade it for anything. A family of five was not cheap and one income meant needing to watch every penny we spent as well learn to be resourceful. This is when I started entering contests online to help my family and at the same time, started clipping coupons.

I remember my mom clipping coupons out of the weekly flyers when I was a child, but times have changed. Coupons are not easily accessible to all and available in many forms. Apps, flyers, in-store and printable coupons online as well as some you can order to your home are available for all to use.

We still have a family of five since our oldest is on her own and we have since had another child but we have two incomes now. The budget is not so tight but to help my family enjoy extra things and quality brand name products, I still clip coupons. I actually use many tools to save as much as I can when shopping.

If you are new to saving money and using coupons this post is for you!

Print coupons to save

6 Ways to Save Money when Shopping for your Family

Watch for sales

It does not matter if it is a big ticket item or something you by weekly like laundry soap. Watch your flyers and look for sales. If you are aware of what the regular price is, you can save big when items are on sale. Stock up then as well.

Use apps that save you money

There are apps that have coupons on them , money back options and let you price match. Download these apps and start saving. get in the routine to browse them before shopping to see what brands and products you can earn cash back on and save. Usually you just need to scan your receipt and click on the offers that fit to redeem. Many allow you to cash out once you reach $20

Loyalty Cards

If the places you shop have loyalty cards and they are free, sign up. It only takes a few minutes to sign up. You will usually get a card for you, a family member and some for your key chain. Earn points, be eligible for discounts and get special offers first hand. You can also sign up for loyalty cards that cover more than one store or service like Air Miles and you can ask your bank about credit card options that reward you when you shop. Find the cards that fit best in your life and use them. You will be surprised how much you can save.

Clearance Rack

Personally I do not care if something is from last season. If it is new and fits my life and style, I am happy. end of season sales, clearance racks and ‘close to expiry’ sales are great. You can save big when you take the time to look in these areas of the store. It is also a great way to buy ahead for gifts or the following year if you know what you will be needing. Many stores will mark down produce and meat if it is within a few days of expiring. You can use it right away or freeze it for later.


Use Coupons

Often flyers have a coupon insert in them. You can make yourself a coupon binder or leave an envelope in your purse with coupons you will use. In store watch the shelves for coupons offered by the brand themselves or at sample kiosks. Many companies offer coupons on their websites, social media or by calling the number on their packages.

Sign up for the coupon sites that fit you life like P&G Everyday where you can print off coupons for quality products you buy often. This allows you to print exactly what you need when you need it, no waiting.


Coupon tip-Read the small print on your coupon ahead of time. Highlight the expiry date for the cashier so it is easily seen. If you feel you are being questions unfairly about your coupons, ask to speak to a manager. When you know what your coupons are good for (size, product, value etc) you will have no issues, just savings.

Price Match

Many large grocery stores offer price matching. Back when I was a kid my parents would rive to many stores to stock up and buy their sale items. Now all you have to do is bring a competing store’s flyer to Loblaws or Walmart stores and get that sale price. NOTE- rules and limits to apply. You can only use store advertisements from ‘local’ stores. Best to call customer service ahead of time to ask about specifics to your location.

When you put all of these together you can cut your bills drastically. When I cam cashing out at the store I always have other customers and the cashier asking me for tips on saving money. A few minutes ahead of time and some planning can allow you to benefit greatly when shopping. You do not need to sacrifice quality or buy brands you do not like to save with these methods.

TIP-Always watch the screen at check-out. Be sure to mention if the wrong price is added. Many stores voluntarily participate in SCOP where they will give you the product for free (under $10) if it rings in wrong.

Do you use coupons or others ways to save when shopping? Please share below

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  1. I need to start couponing more. Those savings add up!

  2. My tip is to always shop with a list. That way I don’t get off budget.

    slehan at juno dot com

  3. sometimes I use coupons but mostly I use the savings apps now

  4. I LOVE the clearance rack! I have found some amazing treasures in these areas of stores!

  5. I do ALL of these. I’m all about paying the least amount possible. I will not pay full price ever!

  6. My husband is always amazed at my ability to buy so much and save so much. It completely baffles him. I told him it’s a gift!

  7. Clearance has quickly become my favourite rack in almost every store! such great scores to be found! These are some really great tips!

  8. I use to love to coupon so much! Those PG coupon inserts were like gold to me and I was always excited to see what coupons they had!

  9. These are all fantastic suggestion! Couponing and clearance racks are my best friends when I go shopping.

  10. I LOVE a good clearance rack find! I am big on couponing too. These are all great ideas to save some money because every little bit adds up faster than you realize.

  11. Yay for coupons and the clearance rack! With twin boys it is essential I get good deals on their clothes or I wouldn’t be able to afford them. Great tips for saving money

  12. I’m always trying to save money. I check out clearance all the time. I also do price matching. I love being able to save money when I can.

  13. I always like using coupons and price matching. I have been able to save a ton of money shopping. Apps are a great way to find the best deals and save even more cash.

  14. You shared quite a few good tips here. These are things that can help people live better lives. Better because if you save money where you can, you can do more things that you enjoy.

  15. Love these tips, I already clip coupons and use store loyalty card, however, I have been a little slack on the the use of apps that save you money and price matching. I really need to step up my game.

  16. I price match weekly for our groceries, but need to start using coupons again more. I always forget them at home :/

  17. Always always watch that checkout screen. I have my kids hush if they are with me when shopping so I can keep an eye on that screen and be sure I am being charged the right price. I can’t even tell you how many times it has been wrong. ALSO even better yet is the fact that some places (WALMART) have a policy in place that if you are charged the wrong price on a product they have to give it to you for free. I have had that happen recently and felt like I hit the jackpot! $12 in free shaving cream for legs? YES please. I clip coupons and I save them on my apps all the time and without the clearance rack well I don’t know what I would have done when the kids were small…! I used and still use clearance. I am a bargain shopper and I love a good deal. Great reminders here.

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