The #CarePlus Tick-Test A must have for all who Love the Outdoors (Giveaway)

We spend a lot of time outside every day all year long. Fishing, gardening, hiking, playing in the yard and walking the dogs is part of our day-to-day routine. I use to just worry about the sun and poison ivy when out, but then one day we found a tick on one of the kids. First instinct was panic but them we calmly removed the tick and read up on how to prevent them from being on us. To be honest, I never really thought much about it after. Until we started hearing about Lyme disease and how ticks can transfer it to dogs and people. Sadly that was not our last encounter with ticks, we have had them on ourselves and our dogs a few times over the years. But we take the steps to cut down on them being around and we check for them often. If they are on us, we remove them right away in the correct way.

Blacklegged ticks are most often found in southern British Columbia, southeastern and south-central Manitoba, southern, eastern and northwestern Ontario, southern Quebec, southern New Brunswick and Grand Manan Island, and parts of Nova Scotia.

How to remove a tick?

  1. Use tweezers to grasp the tick as close to the skin’s surface as possible.
  2. Pull upward with steady, even pressure. Don’t twist or jerk the tick; this can cause the mouth-parts to break off and remain in the skin. If this happens, remove the mouth-parts with tweezers. If you are unable to remove the mouth easily with clean tweezers, leave it alone and let the skin heal.
  3. After removing the tick, thoroughly clean the bite area and your hands with rubbing alcohol, an iodine scrub, or soap and water.
  4. Dispose of a live tick by submersing it in alcohol, placing it in a sealed bag/container, wrapping it tightly in tape, or flushing it down the toilet. Never crush a tick with your fingers.

As a mom I still have to worry though. Will my family get sick? How will I know if they need medical attention?

In addition to preventative measures, the Care Plus™ Tick-Test represents an important step forward as it relates to efforts to help address/prevent the increase in the incidence of Lyme disease in Canada.

Introducing Care Plus Tick-Test

The Care Plus TM Tick-Test will be available at Pharmacy and Outdoor retailers as of May 2016. It is also be available online at ( or The test retails for $19.99. Test the tick you removed from yourself or you pet. (Do not use on your pet)

How does it work?

The self-administered, over-the-counter test, is designed to help the public test for the presence of several Borrelia bacteria, including Borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto (or B.burgdorferi) , the predominant causative agent of Lyme disease in Canada. Borrelia burgdorferi/Borrelia bacteria is found in Western Black-Legged ticks and Black-Legged ticks species , it is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected ticks.
While not all ticks are infected with Borrelia burgdorferi, according to Health Canada surveillance data, in recent years, the number of endemic areas in Canada has been expanding
The Care Plus™ Tick Test now affords Canadians a rapid and easy means to test a tick, which has attached to a human.
Within 10 minutes, the Care Plus™ Tick-Test will show a negative or positive result for the presence of Borrelia bacteria in the tick. The Care Plus™
Tick-Test also detects the presence of Borrelia garinii, Borrelia afzelii, two additional Borrelia species, common to Asia and Europe, which have also been associated with the transmission of Lyme disease through the bite of an infected tick.
The clinical accuracy of the Care Plus™ Tick-Test is 95.8%.
  • First remove the tick properly (head and body)
  • disinfect the area
  • Place tick in tube and crush with provided stick
  • Mix with 10 drops of solution
  • Shake as directed
  • transfer 4-5 drops to the test cassette
  • lay it down in a horizontal position with the test window facing upwards
  • it takes 10 minutes for results to show negative or positive
  • one line (control line) indicates a negative result, whereas two lines (control line and test line) indicates a positive result for the bacteria.
    Each Care Plus™ Tick-Test is designed for single use and includes a checklist to document symptoms and observations.




What is Lyme disease?

An inflammatory disease characterized at first by a rash, headache, fever, and chills, and later by possible arthritis and neurological and cardiac disorders, caused by bacteria that are transmitted by ticks.
If you think this can not happen to you, you need to watch this video. Anyone who is outside can have a tick on them.

If you have concerns consult your Doctor immediately. If you test a tick and it comes back positive, call your Dr as well.

Enjoy the outdoors with your family. Use DEET when in the woods and check yourself and your children and pets for ticks when you come inside. If you find one, remove it right away. Then use the test!

Pick up your kit now and have one wherever you may need it (at the cottage, camping, etc)

You can read more about CarePlus and their products here 

Have you ever had to deal with a tick before? Tell me about it below.

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To help you get the most out of your summer worry free, I have 4 tests to giveaway to lucky Canadian readers. Fill out the form below for your chance. 1 test per winner. Good luck!


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  1. we take our dogs for walks in the woods – we have picked countless tics off them – they are horrible things – give me the shivers. Yuck.

  2. Tara Betterley says

    We camp all over Ontario and Quebec with our trailer. We are walking our dog through the trails and we want to prevent them jumping on her. We do use a Tick Med but, you can never be to sure of those things.

  3. we do a lot of hiking with our dogs. We have come across ticks already this season and are paranoid about what might happen, so this would help give us some peace of mind if we ever catch one (knock on wood, hoping not!), while taking the best course of action

  4. I have 3 dogs and last year my Rotti had 2 ticks on her, so this would be great to have, we like going for walks and we usually go through the wheat field too!

  5. Deanna Barkley says

    We go for walks and bike on a nearby bike path. I like to garden. I would like to win to give some peace of mind when a tick is found. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  6. caroline m. says

    I’ve been bitten by a tick once (in Virginia) it was awful, I had never heard of these before, luckily my sister knew how to remove it. My doctor (in Quebec) didn’t even know what lyme disease was or how I could be tested. So I never found out. Wouldn’t want to be in a similar situation with my children.

  7. I spend a lot of time watching the grandkids play sports – would like to have a kit to test ticks if I find them.

  8. I would like to win this because our family goes camping each summer and I always worry about tick bites.

  9. We spend lots of time walking on trails, attend family sports events outdoor.

  10. kathy downey says

    I love to win this for my family because they enjoy geocaching

  11. Laurie P says

    we love walking the nature trails around Niagara region!

  12. Silvia D says

    we do alot of camping and hiking the mountain trails.When my son was young he frequently got ticks from the school fields at soccer games/practices!

  13. I’d love to win this for when we go camping.

  14. I would like to win this for my brother. He’s always in the forest. Once, we actually found a tick on his leg! Yucky!

  15. We spend the summer camping and we have discovered ticks a couple of times so this test would be handy to have.

  16. Holly OGorman says

    My daughter has had a few ticks before from playing around our house.

  17. We have a large (for in-the-city) yard with a “wild” area which is a a perfect habitat for ticks. I do a lot of gardening and yard work, so being able to test a tick, if I find one, would be very helpful.

  18. Rosanne Robinson says

    I would like to win this awesome prize because my son-in-law and 6 year old grandson do a lot of bike riding on dusty trails through the woods and camp regularly.

  19. Viv Sluys says

    We hike about 3 times a week out in the woods. I hate the thought of ticks…bleech! I live in southern BC so we’re definitely checking for ticks after hikes. My worst interaction with ticks was waking up with one in (it hadn’t bit yet so I just flicked it out) my belly button.

  20. Kim Tanti says

    We like to go walking in the woods or on out of the way trails.

  21. Doris Calvert says

    We hike every year in Banff & Jasper National Parks and have never encountered one there or at home..freaks me out, I was told to put dish soap and water on cotton baton and put it on the tick until thoroughly wet, lift the cotton and the tick comes with it, never tried it but they says it works!

  22. Angela Mitchell says

    We live on the west coast of BC. Ticks are extremely common here. My husband just pulled a tick out of the back of his neck last week!

  23. Juliee Fitze says

    Last year my son was here from Alberta and his dog got ticks somewhere in my yard.

  24. We often go walking in the wooded areas of the walking trails.

  25. We help my uncle on his farm, and there are lots of ticks in the high grass.

  26. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I did have a tick once, I only noticed it whilst having a shower, a bump that hurt a little. On checking it out found it was a tick – in those days you were told to twist it to get the head out, luckily it worked since you don’t do that any more. It was disgusting, so I’d like this kit to be able to test if I ever find another one on me, my children or my grandchildren.

  27. mamabear6910 says

    We have a dog we walk and are often out at parks where I am sure there are tons just waiting for us..eww! I think I would panic if I saw one on me.

  28. ivy pluchinsky says

    I live in the country, we got for walks, go to the park, have a cat that brings them in, and go fishing, so yes i could really use this!

  29. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I want to win this for my family as we do a lot of hiking and hunting so we are outdoors quite often.

  30. We have a Video Vet service and would like to evaluate this product for our clients. Canoe tripping in the summer is one of our favorite activities

  31. I love to go hiking and camping and ticks are becoming more common in my area. I feel like this would give me some peace of mind.

  32. nicolthepickle says

    We go for walks in the woods and garden a lot.
    Hey this is a random thing but did you know that if you find a tick on yourself put your clothes in the washer rather than dryer. It takes dry heat to kill a tick.

  33. I would love to win this for peace of mind when we go on one of our many nature walks and adventures. It’s near impossible to keep the kids on the paths as they always want to venture and explore. This would help us if we do come across a tick. And with their presence on the rise, I worry about this every time we go out for a walk.

  34. We spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer months and are surrounded by forest settings. It would be good to have this is our emergency kit just in case.

  35. I want to win because we are always outside and we have big forest trees in our yard.

  36. We enjoy hiking local trails in the summer.

  37. We hike on trails with the dogs! Definitely great for peace of mind.

  38. I spend lots of time walking on trails

  39. My mother lives in a wooded area known for ticks and she loves being out there.

  40. We spend a lot of time hiking

  41. Erica Seaman says

    We go camping a lot and this would come in very useful

  42. Does anyone know what pharmacies or outdoor stores sell Care Plus Tick Test in Ontario?

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