How To Celebrate A Big Anniversary With All The Family

There are times in life when the whole family can come together to celebrate something big. And what better thing to celebrate than the anniversary of your union with your partner. After all, that moment was the start of something huge – your family! And while it may be something you want to make special for the two of you, it can be wonderful to share the day with your whole family.

There are lots of ways you can celebrate your anniversary with everyone. A big party to mark the occasion could be ideal. You can invite all your friends and family, but tell them that gifts are not required (although a Hallmark anniversary card is always appreciated.) There will be plenty of pictures of everyone there, so you can record the event to make it memorable. Toast with champagne, and have a special cake made for everyone to share.

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If you’re married, why not mark your big anniversary with a renewal of vows? You can choose to reenact the wedding, and invite all the people who were there the first time. But now you have children, why not create a whole new ceremony and event to celebrate your love for each other? And this time, you have even more reasons for loving your partner. Include these details in your new vows.

A vacation can also be a lovely way to mark a big anniversary. If you don’t have a huge budget, it could be something as simple as a camping break. If you’ve been saving for a while, it might be an elaborate overseas luxury break! Perhaps there is somewhere you’ve always wanted to see. Or maybe you’re ready to take a walk down memory lane, returning to the place you went on honeymoon.


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When it comes to anniversary gifts for your husband, there are plenty of options. You might find something for his favorite hobby. Or maybe a special bottle of his favorite tipple. Experience gifts are great because they make the day so memorable. And best of all, you could share that experience with him. In fact, the whole family could join in to help you both celebrate your special day.


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Why not get your kids involved in the celebration? They may be old enough to spoil the pair of you rotten for the day! Start with breakfast in bed. Perhaps they have made some lovely cards for you both or even a cute gift? The older children may bake you a cake, or even a fabulous meal for all the family to share. And if they clean up after, you’ve probably got a perfect day!

As a family, you may have your favorite places to visit or favorite restaurant to eat at. Today could be one of those ideal days to enjoy both. Celebrating a long relationship is important for the whole family. It affirms your love for each other as well as your unity. And sharing it with your family shows how important your relationship is. Your anniversary is the perfect time to celebrate your coming together as a family. Have a toast to the kids, and all the other wonderful things your relationship has provided.



  1. A vacation would be lovely way to mark a big anniversary. That is my favourite way to celebrate!

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