How To Escape Domestic Abuse


If you are reading this post, then likely you are currently living in a situation which is abusive. Whether you are being physically or verbally abused by your partner doesn’t matter. Domestic Abuse can have long lasting effects on your life, and can be difficult to escape from. Here are some useful thoughts regarding How To Escape Domestic Abuse. While not every abuse victim will be able to easily follow these steps, many will find much needed direction in these suggestions.



Seek help from friends or family. This is the first place to begin in your journey toward leaving your abuser. For many victims, friends and family may be non existent in this time. Whether you left home at a young age and burned bridges with your family, or your abuser has managed to alienate you and keep you away from the people who may care – this could be difficult. Begin by seeking out those old friends who may not be in touch, or calling your parents or siblings who may have long disappeared from our life. While there is a chance they will say no they can’t help you, more often than not they will be more than happy to come to your aid.

Document your abuse. If you are being closely watched by your abuser, this can be difficult but there are ways around it. If you have a cell phone or computer which you can take pictures of wounds and send to an email or friend to save that your abuser won’t have access to that can help considerably. Create a journal in a safe place (online is often safer since it can’t be destroyed by your abuser as easily). Make notes as you are able of what was said, done or threatened. This will help you to be able to get a restraining order and protection in the future.

Call the authorities. Sadly, emotional and verbal abuse is typically not recognized in local legal systems. On the other hand, if you have been in any way physically or sexually abused, seek help from the authorities. Call as soon as you can. In the midst of an attack if possible. If not possible, call as soon as your abuser is gone. Do not hesitate to document the abuse with the authorities to help protect you in the future when you seek to leave and have a restraining order in place.

Hide money to help you be able to leave. One of the hardest parts of being able to escape domestic abuse is having the finances available to get away from your abuser. If you have a job and access to income, begin small and hide as much cash as you are able to from your abuser. You may need to open a separate bank account or find a trusted friend to give cash to to hold for you. Look at taking on extra work that you can hide from your abuser so you can hold on to as much of the money as possible for your escape. Every little bit helps, but if you have children and are planning to leave the area, make sure you have money for travel (vehicle & gas or bus tickets), food and potentially setting up in a new home or apartment.

Research local women’s shelters. Nearly every town will have a women’s shelter you can seek refuge in. If you fear being close to your abuser, you can look into shelters in other towns. Ask questions, and make sure that you will be guarded and safe. Make sure the location you choose to flee to will not allow visitors, nor acknowledge you are residing there.

Stop believing the lies. All of the other things listed are steps to get out and away from your abuser, but until you stop believing the lies fed to you by that person, you will not find freedom. You are worthy. You are beautiful. You are smart and strong and capable. You are not without strength. That abuser is not going to change. If they have been abusing you for a long time, staying is not going to reform them. Stop believing the lies and promises that they will change if only you stay. If you have come to the place that this is something you are taking the time to read, then the answer is already there. You have already put into place the mindset of no longer believing the lies you are being fed.

No matter if this is the first or one hundredth time you have faced this abuse, you do not have to stay. Whether it is verbal assaults, emotional belittling, sexual assault or physical abuse within your relationship – you are a victim and you need to leave. You deserve a better and safer life, but so do your children. Learn how to escape domestic abuse by seeking the help available in your area.

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