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We were hanging out at the lake and the weather turned warm. The kids could not resist anymore and took their socks off and dipped their feet in the water. We after a few waves and some laughs one of them fell in. We always have a change of clothes on hand,so it was no big deal to dry off and carry on with our day. Unfortunately we forgot the damp clothes in the truck overnight and they were very stinky when I discovered them.

Have you ever stumbled upon some stinky damp clothes? You really have a small window before they are ruined for good. Then I went to clean up my teen’s rooms and found their gym clothes had been sitting in their bags all weekend.

Luckily I am armed with a laundry room full of great products including  Downy Fresh Protect.

Downy Fresh Protect

This month, Tide is launching the new Tide + Downy Odor Defense Collection. With the help of Febreze in-wash odor defense technology, the Odor Defense Collection is a laundry regimen specifically designed to eliminate odors instead of just masking them. Each product in the Odor Defense Collection works at a different fiber level to break down dirt and body soils so smells don’t “rebloom” or come back.

You may ask yourself, “What is rebloom?!” Rebloom is when your clothes start smelling moments after you put them on or start to smell even though you recently washed them. For example, when your newly cleaned workout clothes start to smell after only a few minutes back at the gym, or when your towels start to smell like mildew again the day after you’ve washed them (Yuck!). Other laundry products may mask, or fail to fully remove, these malodor-causing bacteria.


The last thing anyone wants is to put on clean clothes and have them be smelly!

There’s a simple solution to this problem that plagues all of us, and it involves using these three products which can be found at Walmart:

TIDE PODS PLUS FEBREZE ODOR DEFENSE: This 4-in-1 laundry detergent pac cleans odors from fabrics while removing residue and surface stains. * Remember to keep laundry pacs away from children

TIDE ODOR RESCUE WITH FEBREZE ODOR DEFENSE: This in-wash booster deep cleans to remove dirt and odors that have gotten trapped down in fibers. Just add to your wash along with Tide Pods plus Febreze Odor Defense and Downy Fresh Protect with Febreze Odor Defense and let it do the heavy stain and odor lifting for you.

DOWNY FRESH PROTECT WITH FEBREZE ODOR DEFENSE: Downy’s motion-activated beads eliminate and combat odors while also sealing in the odor protection technology so clothes stay fresh all day long. Just add it in with your detergent at the start of the wash cycle. Available in Active Fresh and Fresh Blossom scents.

I was happy that a little went a long way in keeping our laundry smelling fresh and odor free. With two teen boys there is no shortage of stinky laundry! I have even noticed my kids smelling their clothes throughout the days since we have been using Downy Fresh Protect 🙂

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We all have stinky laundry stories! P&G would love for you to share yours below for a chance to win



  1. I live on a farm so chances are that one might step where one usually wouldn’t step

  2. nicolthepickle says

    For me diesel work clothes are the worst.

  3. I want to save on Head & Shoulders shampoo

  4. nicolthepickle says

    I’d like to save on Head and Shoulders.

  5. Silvia D says

    smelly man socks and work clothes

  6. Tara Betterley says

    I find my toughest stink is my son’s hockey under armour. It stinks so bad that I think it walks to the laundry room on its own.

  7. Tara Betterley says

    I like saving money on Always.. You always need them and they are not cheap.

  8. My stinky laundry problems are dish towels and workout clothes.

  9. joanne darrell says

    Our biggest laundry problem is ring around the collar.I want to sace money on Pantene shampoo.

  10. ivy pluchinsky says

    My stinky laundry consists of socks and sports equipment

  11. Sometimes my laundry gets stinky from all the perfume in the detergent.

  12. Erika Letson says

    My stinky laundry problems are my husband work clothes and my teen son’s socks. Thank you for the giveaway!

  13. Erika Letson says

    I would like to save money on Pantene products.

  14. Definitely my husbands work shirt, they often still smell even after being washed.

  15. The stench that comes off my hubbys socks could kill coal mine canaries.
    I’d like to burn his current pair of steel toe boots, they’re disgusting.

  16. My husbands socks; especially during summer months are my stinky items.

  17. I’d say everyone’s workout clothing

  18. I’d like to save money on Secret Deodorant!

  19. kathy downey says

    My stinky laundry problems are hockey clothes

  20. Vivian D says

    I deal with stinky sport socks all the time!

  21. Vivian D says

    I would love to save money on Clairol hair colour.

  22. butterflyamyc says

    Smelly work clothes and socks

  23. Workout clothes

  24. I’d like to save on Play body wash.

  25. christine w says

    My gym clothes smell horrible, especially when they sit in the bag all day after my workout

  26. christine w says

    i would love to save money on pantene shampoo.

  27. Florence C says

    My husbands socks and clothes he wears in the garden.

  28. Florence C says

    I want to save on Laundry care – Tide

  29. Krista M says

    My son’s underwear (he is prone to accidents) is pretty awful. And my daughter’s socks smell like something died, it’s brutal!

  30. Kim Tanti says

    My hubby wears work boots all day. Dang those socks stink. HELP.

  31. Kim Tanti says

    I want to save money on Pantene. My daughter grows her hair to donate so she takes real good care of it with Pantene. She just donated it for the 4th time to donate to Pantene.

  32. Hubby’s socks are the worst!

  33. I want to save on Ivory Body Wash

  34. Travelbuds says

    I need to freshen my dog blankets

  35. Towels and socks are the worst

  36. Susan T. says

    Cat blankets, bath towels and bath mats are the worst!

  37. Susan T. says

    Dawn Dish soap is the best. I’d also like to save on Vidal Sassoon hair colour.

  38. prairiebelle says

    my son’s soccer stuff!

  39. prairiebelle says

    I want to save some money on gillette razors

  40. tammy ta says

    Stinky hockey equipment, and socks at my house

  41. tammy ta says

    I want to save money on Pantene shampoo and conditioner

  42. Wendy hutton says

    laundry problems are stinky socks

  43. Wendy hutton says

    I would like to save on Pantene

  44. Shelley N says

    When my son plays rugby the rugby uniform is scary stinky

  45. My stinky laundry problems are manure scented work clothing as I live on a farm.

  46. I want to save money on Olay body wash.

  47. My stinky laundry problems always involves bath towels and stinky sweaty clothes.

  48. My stinky laundry is my hubby’s clothes and the dog’s bedding!!

  49. I would love to save money on Vidal Sassoon Hair colouring

  50. Socks after a long day at work are the worst

  51. I’ve forgotten damp clothes and towels too! It’s not a nice smell!

  52. I would like to save money on Herbal Essences Shampoo and Rinse!

  53. My stinky laundry is my swim suit, towels and dish cloth!

  54. I want to save on Cascade!

  55. Rosanne Robinson says

    bath towels are my stinky laundry problem

  56. Rosanne Robinson says

    I like to save money on Herbal Essence shampoo & conditioner.

  57. I’d like to save on Head and Shoulders.

  58. Sunshine G says

    I have a very grubby four year old and a baby – so there’s a constant revolving door of unfortunate laundry around here!

  59. towels that were put in the hamper damp then left there for a week. thanks

  60. PG everyday – save on Swiffer floor cleaner. thanks

  61. My sneakers and socks are not great in summer, TBH.

  62. My dirty smelly work socks are the worst!

  63. I would like to spend money on the Gillette razors.

  64. Doris Calvert says

    Left for a 5 day vacation and everyone left their wet towels and face clothes and threw them right in the washer but didn’t turn it on, YIKES!

  65. Doris Calvert says

    I would like to save on Downy Expendables

  66. I want to save on Head and Shoulders shampoo.That’s a favorite of ours in our home.

  67. I don’t like smelly work clothes or hockey bag clothes.PHEW!!

  68. I have 5 boys, so we have A LOT of laundry. If for any reason, a pile of laundry gets left on the floor in the laundry room, one of my cats pees in it. I try to not to leave laundry there over night but sometimes I forget and then I have to wash it several times to get the cat pee smell out.

  69. I’d like to save on secret

  70. Socks why is it always socks that stink so much. They are the bane of my existence!

  71. sarah alexis says

    I love the Herbal Essences shampoos and conditioner!!!

  72. Carol McCann says

    My Grandson cloths are smelly after a days riding

  73. Donna L. says

    My problems are smelly towels and socks.

  74. Donna L. says

    I want to save on Pantene shampoo.

  75. Razors is what I would like to save money on.

  76. Jennifer P. says

    I have trouble getting the sweat stink out of my husband’s work out clothes, hiking clothes, and biking clothes. And after camping we also have trouble getting the campfire smell out.

  77. My laundry problem are grease stains

  78. gym clothes and towels

  79. sarah alexis says

    My stinky laundry problems involve forgetting to wash the damp swimsuits and towels for a week… gross!!!!

  80. Debbie White Beattie says

    The stinky laundry in the laundry hamper with dirty laundry sitting in the hamper with smelly socks and sports clothes that are all sweaty with BO is the worst.

  81. Debbie White Beattie says

    I want to save on Tide, Bounty paper towels, Mr. Clean OLAY body wash, Crest toothpaste, Scope, Secret deodorant, downy, bounce, Gillette, gain, tampax

  82. Brenda Penton says

    Gym clothes are the worst…especially teenage boy gym clothes.

  83. Brenda Penton says

    I’d like to save money on Febreze

  84. Carol Denny says

    Socks are the worst.Next are dish cloths

  85. Dirty sports clothes are terribly stinky!

  86. I’d love to save money on Herbal Essences!

  87. For us the stinky is our daughter swim bag!! 🙁

  88. I would like to save money on Pampers.

  89. israel y says

    socks. stinky stinky socks

  90. Would love to save money on Tide!

  91. My dog loves to sneak in to my bed ! To cute to be mad , but so much dog smell , not so cute !

  92. Israel Y says

    Like to save on herbal essences

  93. BlessedTA says

    Gym clothes

  94. Deanna Barkley says

    My stickiest problem is the dishcloths. They et that awful smell that is hard to get out. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  95. Deanna Barkley says

    I’d like to save on Olay Body wash.

  96. We have problems with stinky school gym clothing, socks that are just so smelly they could kill and those kitchen rags are always giving me a problem

  97. My stinkiest is towels, I’ve tried soaking them in a vinegar solution before washing but the smell returns after their first use. If this works, then I’ll be buying these three products regularly.

  98. Our towels never smell fresh – that’s my stinky laundry problem.

  99. Melissa F says

    My son helps his grandfather on the farm, definitely causes some stinky laundry that has to be kept separate from all the rest!

  100. I’d love to save money of feminine hygiene products.

  101. My twin sons are my stinky problem 🙂

  102. Driving long haul is bad enough, but running through Texas in summer heat makes laundry day a smelly job!

  103. I would like to save money on Clairol Hair Color

  104. I do not remember towels getting that musty smell in my youth.

  105. I see a coupon for Glide floss I’d like

  106. My houses swimwear and socks and a very stinky problem

  107. kathy downey says

    I’d like to save on Mouthwash!

  108. Sweat stains and towels are my biggest offenders…

  109. My sweaty gym clothing are the worst!

  110. Anu Chopra says

    My husband’s clothes after playing softball are really stinky …. they need a good wash!!!!

  111. Secret and Pampers for me please… I just wish I was able to print them. Ever since so many companies switched to printable coupons, I almost quit using them (technical challenges with Java, Adobe and whatever else they want me to install to be able to print)

  112. The worst problem is hockey gear!

  113. my husband’s running gear is the worst!

  114. i want to save on gilette razors

  115. potty training phase so stinky pee’d on pants!! (wobbles13)

  116. The worst are my husband’s work clothes, expecially when he’s been working with diesel.

  117. Monique L.S. says

    The stinkiest laundry problem we have is my husband’s hockey gear.

  118. Monique L.S. says

    I want to save on Secret deodorant.

  119. My sons hockey gear,hubbys work clothes,stinky socks,,the list goes on!

  120. I want to save on secret deodorant,-love Secret

  121. The kids sports clothes stink

  122. I want to save on tide

  123. Stephanie says

    I hate washing grass stains and dirt out, smells really bad!

  124. Stephanie says

    I want to save on Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner!

  125. Dianne G. says

    Towels, dish cloths and dish towels sometimes get put in the hamper without letting them dry first and then they smell like mildew so this is the smelly laundry problem I have.

  126. Dianne G. says

    I would like to save money on Olay Body Wash from P&G.

  127. ginette4 says

    Husband’s work gross after a day of sweating and if he gets caught in the rain he’ll leave the wet clothes in the truck till he remembers to bring them in and it’s too late gross

  128. gym clothes. yuck!

  129. Erinn Lishman says

    My stinky laundry problems have to be wet towels that do not dry and sit in the dirty laundry basket for a couple days. The smell is AWFUL!

  130. Victoria Ess says

    My partner’s renovation clothes are not pleasant to wash!

  131. Carole b. says

    My sticky laundry is socks!

  132. favgreen(Rhonda W G.) says

    My husbands work clothes are the issue! Seriously…

  133. Sherry K says

    Towels and kitchen clothes are my problems.

  134. Sherry K says

    I’d like to save on Always.

  135. My dogs pet bed gets pretty stinky.

  136. Maryanne says

    My stinky problem is wet clothes that sit. Yuck!

  137. Maryanne says

    I would like to save on razors!

  138. I would like to save money on Pantene products

  139. muuuuusty towels for sure!

  140. gym socks that I have left in my gym bag too long

  141. My son plays hockey.Need I say more?

  142. I like Venus razors

  143. Hubby’s gym clothes are the stinkiest.

  144. Nate Fuller says

    My kids try to get away with wearing the same socks for days in a row, I don’t know why. And they stink.

  145. Sporting wear is my stinky laundry problem!

  146. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    The absolute worst stink laundry is my son’s, an adult, hockey gear, disgusting makes you feel sick!

  147. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I’d love to save on Wash Scent Booster Fabric Care, for me that would be Downy Unstoppables. 🙂

  148. Robyn Bellefleur says

    My husband’s socks are just the worst stink to deal with.

  149. I guess you could say mine are ferrets (although I do like their musky smell) I have four and they like to hang out in the tickle trunk where we have two fuzzy warm blankets that they crawl into and sleep

  150. I often use tide coupons along with the savings apps (like checkout51) to save money

  151. Silvia D says

    I would like to save money on Febreeze products

  152. Andrea Williams says

    My stinky problems are simply having teenage boys in the house who sweat a lot! I love to add scent refreshers to the laundry.

  153. I would like to save money on Tide.

  154. edmontonjb says

    I live in a house full of boys and pets. All my laundry is stinky!


  155. I would love to save money on Olay products

  156. My darling husband throws his sweaty stinky basketball clothes right in to the laundry hamper, so they sit and fester until wash day.

  157. Brandee H says

    I have a son. I feel that is enough of a reason to explain the stickiness 🙂

  158. Robyn Bellefleur says

    I want to save money on Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner.

  159. I want to save money on Tide and Always

  160. Gillian Morgan says

    Stinky towel and running shorts are the worst.

  161. boys stinky sweaty feet eeeekkkkkk

  162. My husbands welding work clothes are the worst for cleaning.

  163. Darlene Wissenz says

    smelly socks are the worst

  164. Darlene Wissenz says

    Pantene Hair Care is the coupon I would get

  165. The worst smell in my laundry room is my gross kitchen wash cloths! I have washed on hot, cold, with vinegar, thrown them out and started over and still nothing helps! After one day of use in the kitchen they smell like they could grow legs and walk away! YUCK! I would love to Fight Odour the right way with Tide + Downy Odour Defense and kill these smells once and for all! Thank you for a great post and giveaway! Good luck all!

  166. With an 18 month old and 3 week old I want to save money on diapers because well…we go through a lot of them 🙂

  167. Angela September says

    omg my sons socks smell like death!! they even knock HIM out sometimes!! lol

  168. ginette4 says

    I want to save on Tide pods

  169. Brandee H says

    I would love to save money with Tide pods. I love the ease of them.

  170. I have a small baby so our stinkiest laundry are the cloth diapers for sure.

  171. I want to save money on Pampers diapers. We alternate between cloth and disposable.

  172. Elva Roberts says

    We used to farm. That is a workplace where clothes can get plenty of clay and other unmentionables on them. This can be a challenge to a good washing machine!

  173. Debbie F says

    my stinky problem is my hubby’s hockey clothes.

  174. Elva Roberts says

    I would like to save on Gillette Shave Gel as that brand is my husband’s favorite.

  175. Odors are hard to get out of exericse clothes

  176. Laurie P says

    washing construction laundry is the worst!

  177. Laurie P says

    I’d love to save money on Herbal Essence shampoo & conditioner…….my teen seems to be using mine more often.

  178. Kids stinky socks

  179. my sons have some seriously smelly feet, does that count?

  180. Sarah Stickney says

    the dog blanket is bad

  181. sarah sar says

    Kid’s clothes and socks are the worst to clean. Don’t even get me started on hubby’s socks!!

  182. sarah sar says

    I’d love to be able to save on Pantene products!

  183. Juliee Fitze says

    Dirty socks are my worst.

  184. Marlene J says

    Socks & towels

  185. I hate smelly socks. they are the worst.

  186. I would love to save on razors, like the $2 off the venus

  187. Jeanette Jackson says

    Around here these days the worst are my husband’s clothes after working outside on the lawn and in the garden.

  188. Workout clothes, specifically socks! Secret is, get them washed as soon as possible!

  189. I’d like to save on Febreze Car Vent Clips Air Fresheners…we go through a lot in the summer.

  190. Sara Rai says

    Socks for sure

  191. My stinky laundry problems are socks

  192. angela m says

    My daughters smelly socks are the worst.

  193. Sweaty socks, shoes and activity wear is our stinky clothing issues in our home.

  194. I want to save money on P&G’s Cascade dishwasher soap

  195. Jenness M says

    My husbands workout clothes for sure!

  196. Jenness M says

    I want to save money on Pampers!

  197. Nicole B says

    My dog’s blanket is the worst!!

  198. argh my boys socks!

  199. Pet blankets tend to be my stinkiest laundry.

  200. I’m a bit obsessed with dishsoap, so I’d like to save money on Dawn.

  201. Jennifer P. says

    I want to save on their Pampers diapers – there is a $2 Baby Dry coupon right now that I would use for diapers, and $3 one for Easy Ups as well.

  202. BobbiJo pentney says

    I left wet laundry in the hamper…..I cant stand that smell.

  203. Erica Seaman says

    I have stinky boy hockey equipment 🙁

  204. edmontonjb says

    I want to save on Secret Deodorant


  205. My stinky laundry is my son’s soccer gear especially if he has left it in his car for days

  206. I would love to save money on Tide

  207. Kristy. V says

    My stinkest laundry problem is always my husbands work socks…..ewww!

  208. Kristy. V says

    I would love to save on Cascade!

  209. My hubby loves fixing cars and motors and dirt bikes. I hate the stinky, oily smell.

  210. I would love to save money on Tide detergent.

  211. I’d love to save on Venus Razors! Those things are expensive! 🙂

  212. Nicole Jubleew says

    Stinky work out clothes are my biggest laundry woe

  213. I think my worst is doing the sheet because they are awful to fold and I never feel like they are just clean enough (weird but true!) (Suzi)

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