Help your Achy Swollen legs with this Herbal Medicine & Show them off this Summer #loveyourlegs

I strongly believe one of the reasons I dislike socks so much is because my ankles swell by the end of the day when I wear them. I take off my socks and it suddenly looks and feels like they were two sizes too small making a tight elastic imprint on my skin. So most often you can find me barefoot all year long. Now I wander if it is not the socks but maybe other issues? My mother always had achy legs, and would tell me why she ‘thought’ they were like that. But she never really got them checked out until many years later. She worked on her feet all day and has visible veins in her legs that she often said were painful. I remember my grandfather also had some issues with his legs as well. I never really paid too much attention to it all until it started happening to me.

With each pregnancy my legs seemed to feel worse and worse with varicose veins, cramping aches and swelling. Some days I can hardly walk and others seem more manageable. I have tried many at-home remedies and have spoken to my Dr. However I am not interested in surgeries or injections and try hard to avoid many medications. I knew I had to be one of many experiencing this. I was very happy to learn that many women have the same issues and do what I do. They just live through the pain and cover up their legs. 80 per cent of women say the appearance of their legs is important but only 13 % of them spend money on leg care products and mainly in the summer.

This summer show your legs some love again!

show off your legs

Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)

Symptoms of Chronic Venous Insufficiency occur more in warmer weather and include varicose veins, heavy, painful, swollen and tired legs.  Three-quarters of Canadian women say they have experienced at least one CVI symptom at some point in time, yet less than one in five women are aware of the condition.

Introducing Antistax™

AntistaxTM contains the naturally derived Red Vine Leaf Extract which, when used in herbal medicine, can help relieve symptoms related to chronic venous insufficiency (CVI), such as swollen legs (Edema), varicose veins, a feeling of heaviness, aching, tiredness, itching and tension.



Working from home on the computer, I am sitting for long periods of time. I am very aware of the dangers of this and have felt my legs being affected by this. I try to get up often, move around and break my work time up with housework. Below are some great tips for those of you who are like me, looking to take care of your legs.

Leg health

Leg Health Care Tip Sheet

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to show our legs some love! Here are some simple tips to get your legs ready for summer.

1. Keep those legs moving!

Exercise is good for the body as a whole but don’t forget to pay close attention to your legs! Research shows more than 60 per cent of women spend more than four hours a day on sedentary activities, like watching TV and sitting at a desk.

Here are some simple ways to get moving:

  • Get up often, ideally every hour
  • Visit a colleague rather than phoning or emailing them
  • Substitute your coffee break by going for a power walk

And if you are like the one-third of Canadian women who spend one to three hours on their feet a day , remember to do some simple stretches or leg exercises like squats, calf raises or march on the spot to increase the strength of your leg muscles.

2. Good nutrition for good circulation

Pumping blood to your legs requires a strong heart and an efficient circulatory system. A balanced diet that includes plenty of fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables can help maintain good leg vein circulation and keep your heart healthy. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water!

3. Watch your back and “leg posture”

Did you know that your posture can affect how your legs feel? Make sure you keep your shoulders back, chest up and stomach pulled in. Knowing that it can be difficult to keep a perfect posture, set different reminders to help you out throughout the day.

Also, mind your “leg posture” by making a conscious effort not to cross your legs, or at least not for a long period of time, as crossing your legs can restrict blood flow to and from the legs.

4. Give your legs a boost with Antistax™

Approved by Health Canada, Antistax™ is an herbal medicine that contains Red Vine Leaf Extract. Pharmacologists analyzed the active ingredient of the Red Vine Leaf and developed it into an effective extract. This herbal extract is the basis of Antistax™, which when used has been shown to: improve lower leg blood flow; reduce swelling (lower leg edema) and relieve the feeling of pain, heaviness and tiredness. 6 Antistax™ is available in the supplement section of your local pharmacy.

5. Love your legs!

While Canadian women are investing in their hair and skin, they are not showing their legs the same amount of care.

  • In the shower show your legs some love — get your general circulation and the flexibility in your legs going with a mix of hot and cold bursts of water.
  • Stimulate circulation by gently massaging your legs with your hands or a natural bristle brush.
  • Use this bath time to relax and relieve tension after a busy day.

Do you have achy legs that need a little extra love?

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Disclosure- This post has been brought to you by Antistax, all opinions expressed are my own 


  1. These are great tips! My sister has terrible circulation issues, so I’ll be sure to send this to her. Thank you!

  2. This is such a great bunch of information to be aware of!

  3. Honestly, I was so oblvious to CVI before this article. I’ll look it over again with my mum to make sure we are free of any of the symptoms.

  4. Susan T. says

    My legs get swollen once in a while so I’ll have to check out this supplement and follow the tips to of course!

  5. My legs feel fine now, but I know as I get older I am sure I will have more issues! I am glad there is a natural way to help out instead of drugs.

  6. Sounds like a great product. I sometimes get sore legs when I’m working out a lot or just walking more then normal. I know a few people that would love this product too.

  7. I would love to give this a try. It would be perfect for when i am travelling.

  8. Elizabeth Lampman says

    I have been looking for something like this to try. My legs have been getting so sore. I will have to look for this on my next shopping trip.

  9. My legs are beyond help, they are so bad, I had my veins tied off and they came back, my ankles are black and I have had many people ask me why my leg’s are so bruised, sorry but that is all veins no bruises, so I don’t go out in the summer much

  10. shaunatorres says

    I could use some help with my legs. I run and they tend to swell, so these tips are great. Thanks so much for sharing

  11. I have seen this before. Looks like a great product. Somedays I sure could use this!!

  12. My leg get so painful at times and these tips are great. I tend to forget and cross my leg a lot!

  13. These are great tips to keep your legs healthy! I had a lot of problems with swelling during my pregnancies, thankfully it’s under control now. So glad this is working for you.

  14. This sounds awesome I get very painful legs if I walk too much anymore, I blame pregnancy but whatever it is is awful and I could use something like this!

  15. Doris Calvert says

    Do to being in a wheelchair I don’t walk that much but try my best this stuff may help, going to give it a try, thank you!

  16. Great advice! I have so many friends who have leg issues. I’m glad that I’m a walker!

  17. I never knew about Antistax before? My legs and feet swoll up on my last holiday and it was terrible! First time I slept the entire way on a flight and that probably made things worse. I’ll be sure to pack this in future!

  18. It is important to realize we must take good care of our legs and make sure we keep things circulating and in working order..

  19. I need to get some of this to take when I fly. My legs swell a lot when I am heading out and fly for long periods of time.

  20. I wouldn’t mind trying this when I fly. I have a rough time with my legs when on a plane!

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