Stress Free Destination Wedding Planning

Yes, there is such thing as stress free destination wedding planning! It truly is. The key to it being stress free is two key people. Your professional travel agent who should be very experienced with travel and destination weddings as well as your wedding planner. I promise you with these two key people you can and should have a stress free destination wedding. Here is why. Each of them one of them has a very specific lane to stay in and then there is your role. Let’s talk about roles.


Your Role

Your role starts out with a huge to do list however this list basically consists of selecting key people to make your day special and managing (not micro managing) those key people throughout the process. Most destination weddings come with a wedding or event planner and someone who will handle your travel however I highly recommend hand selecting each because there is great joy and benefit to selecting them personally versus taking them because they are part of the package.

Your Travel Agent’s Role

Your travel agent’s role is to handle all travel and hotel accommodations plus secure the wedding planners contact information on the destination end. Now this can work two ways. She can work directly with the that planner on your wedding eliminating the need for a wedding planner in the states or she can passed the information on to your personal wedding planner hired in the states. The choice is totally yours. I have seen great stress free weddings handled both ways and truth be told several travel agents who specialize in destination wedding are also certified wedding planners which I love! Regardless to whether it is your travel agent or wedding planner or both they should be very familiar with the destination or have a site visit in the works.

Your Wedding Planner’s Role

Your Wedding Planner’s role is as big or as small as you would like. They can do everything for you such as site visits, vendor selection, venues selection or just day of services such as directing. Whatever the selection it is your choice according to what you need and your budget. With a wedding planner you hire versus one a wedding planner that comes with the package of travel you choose you need to hire a more up closed and personal relationship. You can relay all your dreams and must have wishes to her and allow her to handle that directly with the destination. This is priceless to you whether your travel agent is your wedding planner or you hire a wedding planner.

In closing the decision is totally yours however make it carefully and make sure your have a detailed checklist for them and you of expectations as well as the marriage requirements for the destination. Marriage requirements are different from state to state and outside of the stated. You may want to have a private ceremony at the court house in your state and then a public ceremony at your destination. The options are endless. Celebrate your love as you best see fit.


  1. Diana Corlett says

    My nephew and his fiance are planning to get married in the Bahamas. My niece and her now husband chose an island in Thailand. It seems these destination weddings are becoming more popular. I think it’s a great idea and sure do see how the travel agent would be your best friend for these special occasions.

  2. Darlene W says

    Wish I would have done this 40 years ago when I got married

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