Party Ideas For Big Groups Of Girls

When it’s time to throw an awesome party for a girlfriend, there is loads of stuff you could do. So much stuff, in fact, that picking the right thing can be tricky! As can wading through all of these different ideas and finding the right one.

This article puts together a few of the most popular ideas. Whether it’s for a birthday, an engagement or a baby shower, these ideas suit many different occasions. Read on to find the one for you and your gals!


Whether the group are a bunch of Beyonce’s or total cat-screechers, karaoke is always a popular choice. Go all out and hire a stage, speakers, and microphones. You could always get a screen to display the lyrics on too. Or, for a more low-key event, all you technically need is the music! TradeBit Files come in the form of karaoke song downloads. This means that your singers aren’t competing to join in with the original singer. They can make the song entirely their own!


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At-home spa

If a wild party isn’t quite what you’re after, how about a more relaxed event instead? Instead of venturing out to a spa as a big group, host a spa party at home. You can ask everyone to bring a different tool; so, some bring nail polishes, other bring massage creams, etc. Take it turns on each other to do treatments. Accompany the evening with some cool, low-key music, and mood-lighting. Be sure there are lots of comfy places to sit too!

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Life drawing

There might be some serious giggling at this party- especially if you use a nude male! Life drawing is something that in one many people’s bucket lists. It may be that no one in your party group has ever tried it before. So make a new experience for everyone by hiring someone to do life drawing. Some models also act as teachers, so can help you perfect your technique between rounds!


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Fancy dress

Never underestimate the potential of a great fancy dress party! It doesn’t have to be cheesy, in fact, it can be hilarious! If the party is in honor of one gal in particular, how about all going dressed like her? Or, do a letter party. Give everyone a different letter, and they can find their own inspiration! The letter L can come as Leonardo Dicaprio or a lemon. The letter A can come as an angel or apple.

Go karting

Who says only boys can do physical activities? If your group of gals don’t mind chipping a nail, how about something like go karting. Wherever you book, they will provide all of the equipment and clothing, so you don’t have to worry about that. Book a table at a bar afterward to get your heart rate back to normal again. If you’ve done go karting before, how about abseiling off a really cool building? Or even the new game of Bubble football! Be sure that the girls leave their heels to one side for that one.


  1. MINE always enjoined lazer tag as well (our fun factory has lazer tag and these huge thing to crawl over and into , big enough for teens!!) Also, pool parties at the provincial park, whether on the beach or at the swimming pool. We did a hawaiian theme party once (dollar store skirts and tops) Big groups can get costly so its nice when they get older and only want to have special friends over

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