PLAYMOBIL’s Water Park with Slides

Summer is around the corner and my children can not wait until the water parks open up. They love the water slides and pools. Personally I am not a fan of the crowds, but they are a lot of fun. We usually visit them throughout the week as weekends are super busy. A great place to cool off in the hot summer months.

To help get my kids excited about summer I was super pleased to review the Water Park with Slides from PLAYMOBIL. PLAYMOBIL always has the great sets for children to build and play with. They are always fun for many hours.

water park  image

PLAYMOBIL, known for its imaginative play and iconic figures, is launching its new Water Park Theme! To create the ultimate pool party experience, PLAYMOBIL’s new Water Park Theme includes one adult and child figure, two jumbo slides, a pool with a pool tube, a rotating octopus to create the pool waves and many more accessories.

With PLAYMOBIL’s Water Park with Slides, kids can create their own wave pool, slip and slide down two jumbo slides, and use the cable to pull them up to the top of the slide and do it all over again!


AVAILABILITY: Available at most retail stores and independent toy retailers

Price $79.99

PLAYMOBIL Water slide

This set had a lot of small parts to assemble. My 7 year old did most of the assembly herself as she followed the step by step picture instructions. She just needed a little help from her older brother with some of it.


As soon as this was set up we filled it with water and my daughter took it for a test slide 🙂

She loved sending the characters down the slide. We have had many hours of fun playing with this set. currently as it has water in it, it is set up on the deck. It is sturdy and it has many pieces that are movable and you can add it to other sets you may have for extra fun.

You can see this and other play sets from PLAYMOBIL here


  1. This is so awesome, my granddaughter would love to have this set, I like all the new playmobil’s they’re all great!!

  2. wow, thats reallly neat ..I used to love playing with my kids toy that had the little people in it and that twirling garage thingy .lol

  3. This is super cute. We have one here and I was surprised my tween was into it. Playmobil is a bit timeless it would seem. Plus this is a fun toy for us to have here when my niece and nephews come to play and hang out.

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