Problems You Might Have With A Puppy In The First Few Months

puppy problems

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You might think that when you bring a puppy into your home, it’s going to be all fun and games. It isn’t. You’re in for a lot of hard work and a few rough nights that will rival those of a new parent. There are several issues that you need to watch out for too. Otherwise, your joy of owning a new puppy could be short lived. Here are some of the problems you could face owning a dog in the first few months.

Crying At Night

Almost every puppy will cry for the first few nights in a new home. They’ll hate being alone. If you plan on keeping them sleeping downstairs or in a separate room, you need to do this, when they’re little. You can’t wait until they are older to put them through a transition. Due to this, the first few nights your little puppy will cry out for you. They’ll also be reluctant to poop where they’re sleeping, and we’ll get to that further down. The best way to deal with this is to either let the puppy sleep in your room. Or, suffer through it. Don’t check on the dog if you can avoid it otherwise; you’ll be conditioning their behavior. They’ll learn if they cry you’ll appear, and that can be a hard understanding to break.

Eating Something They Shouldn’t

It’s hard to keep watch over a puppy all the time. At some point, they are going to wander off. Either to a different part of the house or by themselves in the back yard. When this happens, they could eat something dangerous. At that point, your only hope is to catch the symptoms. If your puppy becomes lethargic or refuses to eat, take him to the vet. This is also why you should make sure you’ve got dog insurance as soon as you bring the puppy home. Without it, the cost for treatment might be too much for you to handle.

House Training
If you’re very lucky, you’ll get a puppy that is already house trained. Usually, this is because the previous owner or the mother has shown them where to potty almost as soon as they were able to walk. But quite often even if that’s the case a new puppy will still poop inside on occasion. It can take a few months before they are fully house trained. When this occurs, you’ll find dog droppings like little surprises around your home. You might notice your puppy wanders off for a few minutes and comes back later. If they do this, it’s best to check your home. They’ve probably gone to defecate in another room, rather than ask you to go out.



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Getting your dog to obey is another issue that you’ll have to tackle early on. You might love having a mischievous puppies around. It can even be rather endearing. But that puppy is going to grow into a full grown dog. Without obedience training, you still won’t be able to control it. The good news is you can forget the tricks. As cute as it looks when a dog holds up its paw it’s not shaking your hand. It’s simply obeying a command. Instead, focus on getting your dog to sit, heel, stay and come back. That’s all you need. If your dog does these things on command, you won’t have any problems.




  1. Puppies are so cute and adorable, but boy oh boy can they be a hand full, peeing and pooping, AND the CHEWING!!! you need to be very consistence with them!!

  2. Puppies are so adorable and rewarding but yes, a ton of work! Thanks for the post!

  3. So much work in the first few months of having my new puppy Zeke but things are going pretty well. He is getting very used to the crate he sleeps in. We had problems at first with him howling when put in the crate and when wanting out upon waking. He no longer howls when put in so long as he is tired and just this week he seems to have held off on howling in the mornings. So nice waking to an alarm rather than a howl!

    Thanks for sharing puppy problems. People really should know before picking up a pup!

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