Royal Canin Dental trial results #DentalPetFacts

A few months back I shared with you all a journey my oldest dog was taking with Royal Canin. He was trying out their dental food for a few months in hopes it would improve his oral health. You can read the first post here. To begin the program, Jake had to go for a cleaning and we were educated on dental health for dogs. I learned a lot and had no idea we should have been brushing his teeth all along. They sent us home with some food and a tooth brush and tooth paste for him.

Well since Jake is ten and we never brushed his teeth before, he was not having it. I tried a few times to brush his teeth but he did not like me doing it. Not wanting to add stress to him I just let it go and focused on the food.

It did not take long for Jake to like the Royal Canin Dental food. It was a big larger pieces than he was use to but he seemed to enjoy it. Our other pup started eating it as well. If you have more than one dog, you know how hard it is to separate their food. I have noticed since his cleaning, Jake’s breath was not stinky like it had been in the past.

When he went in for his follow up yesterday, the Veterinarian told us he had a little bit of tater build up on one side. He was able to brush it off and said it is normal as many dogs, like humans, eat more on one side of their mouth. Had I tried a bit more to brush his teeth this would have been gone all together. He said Jake’s teeth and gums looked great and was happy with the results of the trial.

Here are some pictures of his visit with his clean teeth



Since he seems to like this food and the vet agrees it is keeping his teeth clean, we will continue to buy it from the Vet when we visit. I am going to give brushing another try as well to keep that little bit of build up away.

dog food


Royal Canin recognizes that each cat and dog has nutritional needs as unique as their personalities. Fully supported by scientific research, our 200+ formulas are tailored to meet your pet’s precise nutritional requirements.

Visit your veterinarian and see if Royal Canin Dental is right for your pet! You can find more information on dental health for your pets and other nutritional info at


  1. I’ve used Royal Canine Dental (feline) for a number of years now. My vet recommended it for our older cat, but the younger one loves it too. The biggest complaints I have is that it’s expensive (I pay over $60.00 for a bag) and that it doesn’t close properly. Having paid that much money for a bag of food I expect the zip lock to close and keep it fresh.

  2. Sounds like something we should look into.

  3. That wouldn’t work with Butch, he doesn’t chew is food, he swallows it!

  4. Catherine S says

    This sounds like a great product. I like that it helps clean the dogs teeth. I don’t have pets, but I will share this with friends and family.

  5. What an awesome food that helps keep their teeth clean, sadly Sal is on a special diet or I would give it a try with her. x

  6. Great recommendation by your vet. Jake is looking better and healthy now. I’ll surely suggest Royal canin dental food to other people who are in need.

  7. We use Royal Canine Dental (feline) as a treat for our cats. It gives them something different from their regular food, cleans their teeth, and I know it’s healthy for them.

  8. Sounds like a great product. It is so important to take care of dogs teeth too!

  9. Wow, your 10yr old dog’s teeth look great. We have a beagle who will turn 10 this June and her teeth are not nearly as clean, despite two Vet dental cleanings (one was within the last year) and brushing her teeth once every three days or so. These dental treats may be making the difference.

  10. My fur baby does not like food that is hard. I have to soak his dog food in warm water or broth. I just let the vet take care of his teeth. He does not like it when I am the one who tries to clean his teeth for him. I’ll recommend this product to my dog/cat loving friends. Maybe it will work for their pets.

  11. This is one brand I have yet to try with my pups. Sounds like its worth checking out though, I think this sounds great!

  12. CourtneyLynne says

    Oooo this brand sounds fantastic!!! I’m going to have to share this with my mom who has a furbaby 🙂

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