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It is no secret that I love to save money!

I have caviar taste with a KD budget and dream of the finer things in life. Working from home and having four children has taught me to plan ahead and budget wisely. You never know when pay-day is or if an unexpected bill will come up. So saving where you can helps a lot. It helps day to day with spending, allowing me to buy quality items at a fraction of the price. It also allows me to put a little something away for a rainy day.

I watch for sales and use loyalty cards but I also love using services that allow me to save. Before making a purchase I check online to see if there are any discounts or coupons I may not be aware of. Groupon Coupons is a great service that allows me to save big! For the longest while I thought Groupon was just for travel and events. But I was pleasantly surprised to see they help you save on so much more.


Saving made simple

Head over to Groupon and search by store, category or location to find the deals that fit you best. Clicking on ‘local’ then showed me a drop down of categories. Restaurants was one I really wanted to check out. I love eating out, but it is not always affordable. Like magic, a great selection of restaurants in my area popped up with the savings I could receive. Many were a fraction of the regular price.

Once you choose your deal you will be prompted to sign in or register an account. From there you can choose your payment option. Payment is by major credit card.

Groupon Coupons

Browse the categories to find a discount or coupon code for your purchase. Click on the Groupon coupons to show your savings code. A code will show and you can apply this to your check out. My teens love fishing and right now Cabellas is showing free shipping in Groupon Coupons. Another store with great coupons to be found is aerie. Take a look for yourself and start saving today!

groupon coupon

About Groupon

Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) is building the daily habit in local commerce, offering a vast mobile and online marketplace where people discover and save on amazing things to do, see, eat and buy. By enabling real-time commerce across local businesses, travel destinations, consumer products and live events, shoppers can find the best a city has to offer. Groupon is redefining how small businesses attract and retain customers by providing them with customizable and scalable marketing tools and services to profitably grow their businesses.

I think what excites me most is that there are coupons for stores throughout Canada and the United States. The Groupon Coupons can be used in-store and online! You can not get any better than that!
Happy savings!


  1. I had no idea that Groupon offered this. This is great news for me as I also have a high budget taste, but with a low budget wallet 😉

  2. You can use these on and offline!!? That’s amazing! I’ve always been a fan of groupon. I had no idea they had this kind of service. Gonna peruse now!

  3. they have it for our local giant tiger and I’ve used the coupons there a couple of times (I can never remember how but the cashiers are patient and amazing)

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