Signs Of Domestic Abuse

Do you have a friend or loved one that you are concerned could be an abuse victim? These Signs Of Domestic Abuse will help you be able to more easily determine if they are indeed being abused. While these are not always the only signs of abuse, they are commonly found in the lives of victims world wide.

Signs of abuse


Alienation from family and friends once with their parter. Has your friend or loved one begun to get farther and farther away from their friends or family? Often in abusive relationships that means their abuser is systematically keeping their victim to themselves. By eliminating their connection with their loved ones, an abuser is sealing their isolation and inability to seek help in the future.

Always seeking permission for every decision, activity or purchase. If your loved one is chronically required to ask permission to have lunch, go shopping or even make a phone call, then there is likely abuse in their relationship. The inability to make their own decisions leaves them in a place their abuser can easily control their actions.

Drastic changes in personality. A drastic move from being an outgoing and active person to one of seclusion is often a big red flag. If a change of is nature happens as a result of a new relationship it is a good possibility that person is being abused.

Unexplained illness or injuries. Everyone can have accidents here and there, but continual and unusual injuries on an otherwise healthy individual can be a huge red flag. If an individual is in a physically or sexually abusive relationship they will often have many excuses for why they have sudden injuries that don’t seem quite right.

Public humiliation by a partner. Have you witnessed seemingly uncalled for public humiliation of your friend or loved one by their partner? As another way to exhibit control, many abusers choose public situations to chastise or berate their victim.

Drastic changes in appearance. Has your loved one changed how they dress or perhaps gained or lost a significant amount of weight in a short time period? While this is a less common sign of domestic abuse, it can b a result of a domineering partner. Dressing out of character to please an abuser is common. Being starved or even eating more out of fear and depression are also common within abuse victims.

While there are dozens of things that could potentially be signs of domestic abuse, these are the most commonly seen. As a friend, it can be difficult to approach this subject with the person you believe may be abused. Remember there are many things you can say and do, but ultimately letting them know you are there no matter what and that they are loved by you is the best thing you can do for them.

This is a guest post by a former victim of domestic abuse who wants to get the information out there for everyone.  

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