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Spring as warm and pretty as it is,  can be an incredibly messy time with the constant rain, kids jumping in puddles, indoor playtime, not to mention SPRING CLEANING! This Spring embrace the mess and give your children an easy-going space to play/ create without feeling the burden of a time-staking cleanup! I am a firm believer of a dirty house being a happy house. You know you are loved and your home is lived in when you have little messes all over the place.  If my children come home from school messy, I know they have had a great day! So I say Yes to the Mess! However, I also have the tools needed to clean it up.


Now as much as I personally have learned to embrace the messes over the years, I also like the feel and smell of a clean home. I know it never lasts, but I do not stress as I have the tools needed to clean it up easily, when I can.

When P&G sent me a Spring Cleaning package I was happy. My kids could track in mud, the dogs could get dirty and I can be happy knowing it will be cleaned up.  Even the kids are happy to pitch and and help when we have everything needed to do the job right.

I was sent the following

  • Swiffer 360 Duster Starter Kit 
  • Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit 
  • Swiffer WetJet refill 
  • Swiffer Sweeper 
  • Swiffer Dry Refill 
  • Magic Eraser 


I never ever freak out over messes.

With the help of Swiffer, parents can say “Yes to the Mess!” and embrace life’s little messes because they’re able to get a really thorough clean in minutes. The easy clean-up process allows children the opportunity to make a mess and explore a life rich in creativity.

It’s an incredible experience to see your child create something without any reservations; unfortunately, this is a rare sight for most. According to the second annual Swiffer Cleaning Index, the majority (70 per cent) of parents feel that letting kids make a mess helps encourage their creativity, however many (65 per cent) have said “no” to their kids’ request because of the mess it will make.

The belief that messes are a part of a child’s development is increasing with the generations. Seventy-five per cent of millennials think that letting kids make messes encourages their creativity- this is in comparison to the 62 per cent of Boomer parents.

A mess can be a great learning opportunity, in so many ways. Nearly all parents (97 per cent) agree that young children learn a lot from cleaning up a mess.

There are several celebrities who vouch for the creative process. Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar recently hosted a Swiffer event in New York City where she encouraged parents to say “Yes to the Mess” in an effort to foster children’s creativity and independence.

As your child grows up you’ll never wonder “what could have been” when it comes to the creativity they express, as long as you’re providing a warm and welcoming environment. We’d love for you to share your child’s most brilliant mess to date as a part of our #YesToTheMess movement.

Will you join me in saying #YesToTheMess ?


To help you with your cleaning and embrace the messes in your home, P&G has a great prize pack for one lucky Canadian reader. You will receive a pack containing the following $80 value

  • Swiffer 360 Duster Starter Kit 
  • Swiffer WetJet Starter Kit 
  • Swiffer WetJet refill 
  • Swiffer Sweeper 
  • Swiffer Dry Refill 
  • Magic Eraser 

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  1. Stephanie says

    Someone in the family spilled milk all over the kitchen table and ground, not a fun mess to clean up!

  2. ivy pluchinsky says

    My niece leaves all sorts of messes, from food messes, to glitter messes, to paint messes!

  3. Living with Boys is always great fun – and with great fun come great messes! Especially true when it comes to food – my oldest son is a want-to-be chef but he leaves a trail of mess behind him!

  4. margo b says

    my son dropped a jar of jam broken glass & jam everywhere yikes

  5. My son once spilled jam on the floor and stepped in it. Then he proceeded to walk around the house looking for me to help him clean it.

  6. My sister made candy apples and somehow, the sauce got EVERYWHERE!!!! The floors, the walls and all the tables. Just terrible. lol

  7. Gillian Morgan says

    Sophie spilled an entire plate full of spaghetti all over the floor. It stained the tiles.

  8. Tara Betterley says

    The biggest and hardest mess I have had to clean is when my kids put ‘floam’ all over the walls, the carpets, my hardwood stairs.. Very hard to get off when it dries.

  9. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    The biggest mess made here is ALWAYS made by my son, an adult, who just can’t cook without making a huge mess. Doesn’t clean up of course, leaves his plate, glass etc where ever he’s eaten. Drives me nuts!

  10. The biggest mess for me was when a whole dozen of eggs fell on the floor, what a slimey mess!!!

  11. ARGH! The time my toddler squirted a whole bottle of ketchup in the kitchen.

  12. doreen lamoureux says

    My boys were very very young when this happened. They had eggs, juice and yogurt all over the carpet. Yap, that was very interesting.

  13. 409cope says

    When my sons were little they once dumped a bag of flour and a bag of milk together on the floor.

  14. Susan T. says

    I recently knocked over a bed side lamp and broke the bulb. I had glass everywhere and two very curious cats who I had to keep away from the shards. Of course this was in the middle of the night too!

  15. Anne Taylor says

    We have a one year old grandson living with us……….milk everywhere, food everywhere lol

  16. my niece, when she eats, throw everything, seriously, on the floor. everything.

  17. Okay, I have 2 long haired kitties and between the fur and fur balls, there is always something to clean up and often something I don’t want to look at!

  18. kathy downey says

    Our last big mess was last weekend when some dropped the container of glitter which contained 6 colours…..oh what a mess

  19. Erinn Lishman says

    With three little girls, a shedding dog and a bird- not to mention my messy hubs!- there is ALWAYS a mess! Lately it has been my girls writing their names on the walls. ANY and ALL cleaning products would help! Thank you for the chance!

  20. Wendy hutton says

    spilling juice down the cupboards and all over the floor

  21. Where to start?Latest was spilling milk (full 4 litre)between counter and stove,YUCK!

  22. hsibley says

    My dog likes to track in muddy paw prints. It can be pretty messy.

  23. Lori L. says

    My daughter once dropped an entire carton of eggs when she was trying to take it out of the fridge. The box tipped upside down & every single egg smashed on the floor. I had to move the fridge to clean underneath, it was a disaster!

  24. Wendy Jensen says

    Well the family hasn’t made as big a mess as I have. I broke a 1.5 litre bottle of red wine on a beige carpet. Took me hours to get it out.

  25. We had dry wall dust on the floor and on furniture when we renovated our family room. We created a nasty mess

  26. tammy ta says

    My family makes messes all day -every day! They always track grass all in after the grass is cut this time of year.

  27. Silvia D says

    besides all the craft messes..glitter and glues..the guys leave greasy oily messes with working on vehicals and tools..

  28. Kim Tanti says

    When we moved into our first house it was a new build. My sisters 2 kids and my 2 were outside and got into the mud. They came in the back door full of mud and my son lost one of his boots that got sucked off his foot and he fell over. They got it on the door walls and floor. What a mess

  29. Just recently, my little one knocked a bowl of chocolate cake batter onto the floor. It was the biggest mess i’ve had to clean up in a while.

  30. Rose Holloway says

    Let me see, 3 dogs and a toddler. What mess hasn’t there been 🙂

  31. Florence C says

    Worst mess for me is the dirt hubby tracks in from the garden.

  32. Julie F says

    My daughter opened a bottle of pop which exploded all over the kitchen, despite cleaning the whole kitchen I still kept finding splashes for days after!

  33. Anu Chopra says

    When my son was very young … he desperately was looking for attention after the birth of his baby brother and poured honey all over himself. That was a fun mess to clean up!

  34. Elaine R says

    This was a great mess- my son shaking the full bottle of chocolate syrup and the cap was loose- shot straight up to the ceiling!

  35. Sunshine G says

    The baby is at the ‘hitting the spoon’ stage – there’s a lot of goo on our floors at the moment!

  36. Robyn Bellefleur says

    My daughter dropped a 2 litre of pop on the kitchen floor. What a sticky mess!

  37. There was that one time the kids got into the fridge and threw a carton of eggs around the kitchen. That was super fun.

  38. Viv Sluys says

    One time at my parents’ house my daughter dropped a huge pitcher full of juice and the bottom broke out so there was about 4 litres of sticky fruit punch all over the kitchen. It went up the sides of the cupboards and under the fridge…so messy!

  39. Viv Sluys says

    Oh! Or the time my daughter (different daughter) dropped a 4 litre jug of milk in a little grocery store…for some reason they didn’t have a mop and were trying to clean it up with a roll of paper towel…

  40. Travelbuds says

    I have 2 kids and a dog. The floor always needs cleaning as they are always bringing in dirt.

  41. caroline m. says

    my kids keep dropping food on the carpet that is right next to our dining room.

  42. Valerie Warmington says

    What happens when a fish tank being cleaned cannot hold the remaining water & gravel? You don’t want to know!

  43. Dropping a full jar of jam was a bad one.

  44. The biggest mess was spilled food.

  45. Joan G. says

    Worst mess I every had to tackle was when a bottle of beets fell onto my white rugs.

  46. Debbie White Beattie says

    My dog ran in the house after running around in my muddy yard

  47. Carol Denny says

    Muddy foot prints from kids and the dog.

  48. My husband is a walking mess- wherever he sits, he seems to form a nest of mess around himself. Good thing he has lots of redeeming qualities!

  49. Victoria Ess says

    We made a mess at my niece’s birthday party.

  50. My family always makes a mess in the kitchen when it’s sausage making time. We do it as quality family time and it’s always so much fun! So it’s definitely worth the time to clean up, we all pitch in for that too! Best mess clean up ever!

  51. With 3 young kids I always have a mess!!! Our little guy is the worse from emptying the whole baby powder all over the upstairs of the house to making a trail of ketchup all over the main level he has done it all!! 🙁

  52. I managed to drop a full jar of pasta sauce that smashed and went everyone, I think I cleaned up splatter for weeks.

  53. butterflyamyc says

    My kids are having fun making a mess while baking.

  54. Juliee Fitze says

    Our biggest messes are from the animals coming inside threw the mud.

  55. I seem to clean up lots of mud!

  56. Our neighbours had a food fight that went from inside of their house to the outdoors. After a while it looked like the whole neighbourhood got involved.

  57. In the spring I clean up lots and lots of muddy puddles from my floors.

  58. christine w says

    Everyone is a mess – my sister eats snacks in bed, leaving crumbs in the bedroom.

  59. pasta sauce all over the counter

  60. Spilled cereal and milk

  61. Allie f says

    Spilling a jam jar which shattered leaving sticky glass
    Everywhere!! Eek

  62. elaing8 says

    My niece when she visits leaves a trail of food wherever she goes. It is such a huge mess.

  63. prairiebelle says

    the last mess was made in the kitchen when one of us dropped a container of oil on the floor while we were baking

  64. kristen visser says

    when don’t they make messes lol. The best is when my girls are eating spaghetti no bib can stop that mess from happening!

  65. the glass dish our nachos was on exploded when taking it out of the oven. messy.

  66. THE KIDS are moved out so now the family is ferrets…and omg can they make a mess!! We were not aware that they liked, and I mean LIKED to dig when we first got them…so yeah, the plants, the dirt, the mess LOL

  67. Dianne G. says

    When my children were young they shook up a bottle of Dr. Pepper and took off the lid. That sticky mess went everywhere and I kept finding spots I missed for days after!

  68. One of my family’s biggest messes was when we brought in groceries and the bag of eggs and pasta sauce fell on the floor, splattering everywhere!

  69. aly3360 says

    We purposely make a mess when we bake brownies and cookies. flour gets everywhere and it’s a very fun and delicious mess! An unintentional mess we made was an entire pot of spaghetti sauce dropped on the living room carpet on it’s way to the dinner table. The second was a much less fun mess to make AND clean.

  70. Julie bolduc says

    My daughter spilt her juice in the fridge

  71. A mess my kids have made… Let’s just say, 2 little monkeys jumping on a bed, 1 bottle of powder OH MY HEAD! it was everywhere!

  72. When everyone comes home from the beach, sand is EVERYWHERE!

  73. mommakoala says

    Hubby thinks he does me a favour by cooking supper. He will have stuff spilled everywhere. I haven’t told him in a nice way to stop doing me favours.

  74. The biggest mess her was a 4L of milk drop on the flour and there was milk everywhere.

  75. Roger Simmons says

    My kids aere always messy even now. They leave their plates and cups everywhere. Play with markers and paint for art and leave the mess everywhere

  76. I dropped a jar of salsa, it was quite a mess to clean up.

  77. Kristy R says

    I have 19 month old twins. Every meal is a mess! I have to mop the area where they eat almost every day. :s

  78. I have 3 kids and they make a constant mess in my house… always spilling or dropping garbage.

  79. My 3 little ones and I are always making crafting messes . So messy but so fun

  80. Laurie P says

    sand from outside spilled in the kitchen by a 3 yr old can be pretty messy……it gets everywhere!

  81. My daughter decided that she liked the way paint looked when she flung it at the paper…and the wall…and the couch eek!

  82. Whenever we bake or paint we have a mess. But it is always worth it, and fun to make.

  83. Erika Letson says

    My boy’s always leave me a huge mess when they have been doing crafts. Also when they have been playing outside and track mud into the house!



  85. edmontonjb says

    My son dropped a jar of pasta sauce on the tile floor…what a mess!


  86. Glogirl says

    Whenever something falls out of the fridge, the lid of the container comes off without fail and makes a big mess!

  87. KellyPC says

    My husband has been going upstairs with his work boots on, on the new hardwood!!

  88. A mess my family has made.. hhmm. Which family member? LOL I will say one I made not too long ago. I dropper the FULL thing of Folgers Coffee onto the floor from the cupboard and it popped open and I had coffee grinds aaalllll over… Talk about a mess to clean up.. *sigh* was ssoo hard keeping my 20 mth old son out of it who was trying SSOOO hard to “help” Mommy clean it up.. My little helper.. 😀

  89. angela marriott says

    My daughter spilled her chocolate milk and it splattered everywhere. Curtains ,ceiling, floor.

  90. When my son got into my makeup bag, now that was a mess! But he looked so adorable, I couldn’t help but laugh!

  91. Elva Roberts says

    My ‘funniest’ mess was when I was visiting my daughter. My two-year old granddaughter asked me for something to write with, and I thoughtlessly gave her a marker. Two or so minutes later, she had scribbled a path on the long entry hall wall-which had been recently repainted white. That was not fun to clean and I learned not to give markers to Toddlers, however innocently they ask for one.

  92. Jessica M Walker says

    We are always cleaning spilt juice.

  93. Angela Mitchell says

    Well today my son dropped a jar of jam on the floor. Broken glass, jam everywhere and he cut himself which I discovered once I saw the blood on the floor!

  94. Dropped the mixing bowl with flour, sugar and cinnamon.

  95. Lisa Smith says

    My kids are serial offenders of leaving peanut butter all over the counter. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  96. My daughter accidentally knocked a full can of paint down the basement stairs. New Years Eve 2000. It opened, of course….

  97. Monique L.S. says

    My toddler often makes messes while colouring. She prefers to use markers…on our living room table. ugh

  98. teaching 5 kids under 7 how to repot plants (a teachable moment????). thanks

  99. I’ve splattered spaghetti sauce all over the stove top.

  100. beewbedard says

    when baking we seen to make HUGE messes

  101. Jenness M says

    My son recently spilled grape juice all over the family room carpet!

  102. aarone mawdsley says

    red wines stains

  103. Holly OGorman says

    I run a home daycare, there are all kinds of messes on a daily basis 🙂

  104. There is always some sort of liquid being spilled on the floor.

  105. My kids dropped ketchup bottle, mess all over my blinds, grout, cabinets

  106. My three year old grandson was filling his mouth up with juice and squirting it up the walls in the house.He had several walls splattered before I caught on to his antics.It was a real mess and I had to move a lot of heavy furniture to get it washed off the walls. No wonder they say “boys are a noise with dirt on them”. LOL. Yuck!! #YesToTheMess

  107. israel y says

    crumbs everywhere! everywhere except in the kids mouth

  108. Sherry K says

    My husband is always bringing sawdust and shavings into the house.

  109. Annette Sprague says

    Great Prize. Good luck all! Thank you ToaRG!

  110. LILLIAN BROWN says

    My driveway is muddy and the dog and my husband are tracking the mud into the house with all the rain we are having

  111. Swamp dog and the Renovations. It could be a children’s book.

  112. Brandee h says

    My son and I were making smoothies and he took the lid off to taste it… while it was blending 🙁

  113. When my dog went out in the rain to do his pee, but decided it would be fun to go digging in the wet mud. What a mess….

  114. There was that one time I steeped on a Cheerio in the middle of the night…scratch that…nightly. How about peanut butter on the curtains or crayons on the wall? We have yogurt in our hair, jam between our fingers and my living room looks like Toys R Us had a buy one get 25 free sale and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I have to admit that saying “yes to the mess” was a harder transition for me than anticipated however I’ve grown to love and embrace it. With one little guy under 2 and another who just made his big debut I’ve learned not to sweat the mess. It’s worth all the giggles and smiles that come from interacting and developing. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway and review! Good luck all!

  115. the picture of the teddy kills me!! its like , he’s made the mess and he’s all laid back and what not

  116. Lots of juice spills

  117. A can of ravioli exploded, literally on the ceiling, on the floor and everything in between. I remember being mostly crushed over my my off white valances. That’s when you have to tell yourself, “it’s just material things, doesn’t matter” 🙂

  118. When we have make your own pizza nights, the amount that lands on the floor is crazy, then everyone tracks it thru the kitchen. yukky

  119. Caryn Coates says

    My 3 year old got into maple Syrup and had it all over my kitchen

  120. Nicole B says

    My son got into the diaper cream and spread it from one end of his room to the other!

  121. I have two lovely pussycats who love to vomit on carpet (never tile or vinyl flooring, just carpet). So I’m often scrubbing up barf stains. Good thing they’re cute.

  122. Tara Gauthier says

    My son dropped a container of salsa and it went upwards to the ceiling, which of course was that popcorn coating which is impossible to clean without wiping off the coating too…

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