Strawberry Beer-rita

This Strawberry Beer-rita is a fun and unique alcoholic beverage for big celebrations or even just for a fun summer patio party.  We can’t think of anything more refreshing sounding and honestly what could be more perfect for an adult patio party than a drink with tequila and Corona.  This makes me want to head back to Mexico now! Enjoy!


Strawberry Beer-rita

2 Person serving


4 oz. of Tequila

2oz Triple Sec

4 cups of sweet and sour mix

½ cup of strawberry puree

2 Small Bottles of Corona


Fill a pitcher with ice and pour in the Tequila and Tripe sec.

Add the sweet and sour mix and strawberry puree then stir to fully mix all ingredients together.

Ensure the pitcher is just under ¾ of the way full and no more.

Open 2 SMALL bottles of Corona and flip them over into the pitcher and serve.

What do you think? Can you see yourself enjoying this yummy beverage this summer? 


  1. This sounds delicious and refreshing! Definitely going to try.

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