Tips to Transition To Veganism

If the vegan lifestyle sounds appealing to you but you’ve been eating meat, eggs, and dairy for your entire life, it can be intimidating to make the switch. However, with the right attitude and resources, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some tips that can help you with the transition into a vegan diet.

Replace Slowly
It’s quite the challenge to go vegan immediately, without any transition. If you don’t think you’d stick to the change without a preparation period, focus on slowly replacing animal products with fresh fruits, veggies, and grains. This is sometimes referred to as the “crowd out” method, where the emphasis is on adding healthier foods instead of restricting the unhealthy foods. Over time, it will be easy to load your shopping cart with plant-based foods and skip the animal products entirely.

Try Vegan Substitutes

In 2016, we are lucky to have a wide variety of vegan substitutes available to replace our favorite meals. Meat substitutes are readily available, but you might not know about items like eggless mayo. To find new ways to make your old favorites vegan, check out hampton creek recipes. When you’re armed with delicious recipes, you’re more likely to stick to your goals.

Connect With Others
For those days when you’re craving comfort food like fried chicken or mac and cheese, it helps to reach out to a support group to get the encouragement that you need to stay on your path. Whether you know a friend that’s vegan or you’d rather comment on a message board, it’s important to make connections with others to help you out along the way. Plus, when you know a group of other vegans, you can share recipes and make shopping trips together.

Stock Up

On the start of your journey, head to the store with a full shopping list. Grab the staples like fruits, veggies, grains, and vegan substitutes. If your fridge and pantry are stocked with delicious, healthy food, you won’t be tempted to scrap your plan and head out for a fast food burger. Keeping your home fully stocked goes a long way in helping you stick to your plans. Meal prepping a few days in advance is also a great way to avoid temptation.

Pack Food When Going Out

The fact of that matter is that being vegan isn’t the easiest lifestyle change to make. The majority of people eat animal products every single day, and it can be difficult to find foods on the go that are completely vegan. To avoid the problem of being hungry or caving when you go out with friends, bring a cooler with your own food. After a while, this will become second nature and you’ll feel right at home bringing your own healthy food whenever you are away from your kitchen.

Never Stop Reading

If you’re committed to being vegan for the long haul, it helps to always have your motivation in mind. Invest in a few books about veganism to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re interested in being vegan for your health, the sake of animals, or the environment, it’s always a good idea to educate yourself as much as possible. Whenever you need a boost of inspiration, you can do some research on the web or pull your favorite book off the shelf.

Get Creative

Now is the perfect time to experiment with new types of cuisine and recipes. Ethnic cuisine like Indian food is often vegetarian, and it’s also delicious. Look up some recipes that you’ve never tried before, and see if you can broaden your horizons to help replace the foods that you’re used to. When you have a large variety of healthy foods available, you won’t even miss the dishes that were packed with animal fats.

Don’t Give Up

When you’re transitioning to a new way of life, there might be a few slip-ups along the way. For example, if you’ve been eating animal products for your whole life, there might be a few instances in which you simply forget that you’re trying to avoid animal products. In the event of a forgetful moment (or just a moment of weakness), it’s okay to forgive yourself and start again the next day. The change might not happen immediately. Even reducing your dependency on animal products is a great start towards benefiting your health and the environment.



  1. I am always amazed at the will power that people who switch have. I have a friend who did a few years back and I am often with I could. Thanks for the tips.

  2. My aunt is vegan and so I have been trying to decide whether or not I think that I should be as well. However, I always crash whenever I do a diet change and so I really hope that this post can help me transition. I really like your advice about slowly replacing animal products and using the “crowd out” method, because I think that it would help me out the best.

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