Wash, Wear & Win with OxiClean (Giveaway)

Having teen boys means I never have to cut the grass or do any of the dirty yard work I do not want to. It means I have two strong boys to help me with all of the heavy lifting and digging that needs to be done. With Spring here and more days being warmer, we are spending a lot of time in the yard. Trying our best to make it pretty and functional for the summer.

Last weekend I got to work weeding the flower beds and put the boys to work mowing the lawn. One mowed the front and the other the back. We had a truck load of large rocks to frame the front flower bed that needed to be emptied. I could not reach them or lift many so they helped with this as well. It took the entire day but it was worth it. The yard looks amazing and I am so glad we tackled it. Sadly the dandelions grew instantly and the yard needed mowing again a few days later. But we will keep on top of it!

When we came in, everyone got cleaned up and I threw on a load of laundry. The clothes were a mess! They are covered in grass and dirt from the yard work. I was not worried, I have OxiClean. I threw the clothes in with my OxiClean and they came as good as new. Now we can tackle more yard work and other dirty projects worry free this summer.


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With an active family like mine, I am happy OxiClean has a great selection of products to help me fight any stain and laundry issues that may happen.

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For more information on stain fighting products from OxiClean and tips on fighting your toughest stains, visit www.oxiclean.ca

Now we all have had to fight stains over the years and some come out easier than others. OxiClean would love for you to tell us about your toughest stain and how you were able to tackle it!


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Disclosure-This post has been brought to you by Church & Dwight. All opinions are my own


  1. Angela September says

    With boys my toughest stain is always GRASS stains on denim!!

  2. Grass stains are the toughest

  3. Definitely blood stains, never seem to be able to get those out fully.

  4. Grease stains from cooking, those are the worse to get out!!

  5. The toughest is grease stains

  6. Christine Holliday says

    Right now it’s doggy doodoo. ;(

  7. Brandee H says

    My toughest stains is a blood stain. My son split his lip and we had nothing buy my shirt (new!!) to stop the blood. I still haven’t gotten the blood out 🙁

  8. sarah alexis says

    Grass stains are the worst!!! Always on the knees too 🙁

  9. Worst stain I fought was red wine…on a white shirt.

  10. ginette4 says

    Husband’s oily clothes from working on the motor of the car

  11. A red wine stain on a white top

  12. mustard is very hard to remove!

  13. kathy downey says

    My toughest stain i have had to fight was Beet juice

  14. I always had grass stains as my toughest stains.

  15. My toughest stains are grease stains from cooking. Bacon is the worst when its spits at you, those are the toughest.

  16. Anne Taylor says

    Right now the worst stain I fight is baby food and baby poop lol

  17. Rosanne Robinson says

    Our toughest stains to get out are the grease stains.

  18. grass stains are always the worst to get out

  19. Debbie F says

    The toughest stains are mustard stains on a white shirt.

  20. Silvia D says

    I find grease stain especially difficult also blood stains.

  21. Blood stains are one of the worst I’ve had to deal with

  22. Grass stains regularly cause me the most problems.

  23. My son tried to slide down a hill without snow – the knees were grass stained and the inside of the knees were bloodied. It was delightful.


  24. Travelbuds says

    For me the worst stains I have to try and get out recently was mustard. What a nightmare.

  25. prairiebelle says

    the toughest stains for me have been oil stains. I have actually had to throw away shirts because I could not get it out

  26. I find hubby’s grease stains hard to remove.

  27. Bacon grease is my worst stain!

  28. Patrick Siu says

    engine oils are the worst

  29. christine w says

    Sweat stains on white shirts are hard to get out, especially if you don’t pre-treat it.

  30. Erin McSweeney says

    oh its all about the food for me, ketchup is the worst

  31. tammy ta says

    With my two boys I am always fighting stains- they kept coming home with black grease stains on their clothes from school off of a certain stairway. These were the absolute worst stains I have had to deal with

  32. Florence C says

    Grease Stains from cooking are always hard to get out.

  33. Susan T. says

    I’m always eating on the go an grease stains are the worst!

  34. butterflyamyc says

    It’s really hard to get coffee stains out of clothes.

  35. Monique L.S. says

    I find pasta stains to be pretty tough to get out.

  36. Sherry K says

    My husbands work clothes are the worst, he has wood stain and DAP.

  37. I find the grease and oil on my husband’s pants is the most difficult stains.

  38. Wendy hutton says

    cooking oil splattered on my shirt while cooking its hard to get out

  39. Shelley N says

    grease stains from meat just don’t come out no matter what I do

  40. The toughest stain I had to fight was when red wine splashed on my white blouse 🙁

  41. FOR ME I really remember baby formula throw up to be bad lol

  42. Cheryl Grandy says

    One of my toughest stains was ground-in mud. As a relatively new mom, I let my daughter play in light-blue overalls thinking that I could just wash the mud out after she’d had her fun. I learned that mud was much tougher than I thought – I never did get the stains out.

  43. Greasy stains from spilled meat sauce is one of the worst stains I’ve faced.

  44. One of the toughest stains I’ve tried to get out is mustard!

  45. I find the toughest stains to handle are grease stains from food.

  46. coffeewithjulie says

    Blood stains are definitely a big challenge for me since my son gets nose bleeds frequently an often in the middle of the night … blood all over the sheets and pj’s! A good stain remover is essential!

  47. Every year my kids get really tough grass stains in their clothes.

  48. Kim Tanti says

    my hubby gets grease stains on his cothing at work and they are so hard to get out

  49. red wine mixed with mustard and grass stains (it’s a long story)

  50. Erika Letson says

    Formula stains on baby clothes and my husband’s greasy work clothes!

  51. One of the worst stains was blood on my pillow case from when I had my wisdom teeth removed.

  52. Liquid Paper was a terrible one. I don’t recommend spilling it on yourself, ever.

  53. Tar is very hard to get out.

  54. Victoria Ess says

    Cleaning the stains off my microsuede couch was challenging.

  55. Mary Boudreau says

    My husband had a stain of his dress shirt, no idea what it was. I hadn’t see it so i washed and dried the shirt making it difficult to remove. Had to use stain remover, detergent and peroxide to get it out

  56. hubby’s homemade wine is always very tricky.

  57. Erinn Lishman says

    The tough stains in our house come from watermelon! My twins love it but for some odd reason i cannot get the juice stains out of their shirts!

  58. LILLIAN BROWN says

    Grass stains and this time of the year there are lots from husband weeding gardens

  59. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    Sweat stains on my son’s T-shirts, they never seem to go away and look awful on a white T-shirt.



  61. ivy pluchinsky says

    Grass stains and red wine stains are the worst

  62. BlessedTA says


  63. Debbie Petch says

    I really have a tough time olive oil!

  64. Grease stains that didn’t get out the first time around and got tossed into the dryer…

  65. curry stains on clothes

  66. Gillian Morgan says

    Spaghetti stains and grease stains are the worst in our house.

  67. Sunshine G says

    Around here, it’s mashed in food of all descriptions.

  68. I have an ink stain on a pair of pants that I can’t seem to get rid of. A pen exploded in my pocket at work and it’s been slow going getting rid of the mess it made.

  69. My son eats spaghetti with his hands and wipes it in his hair (easy enough to clean) and on his clothes! Ugh – thank goodness for OxyClean! My brand new washing machine even has an OxyClean setting – how cool is that?

  70. The kids clothes , they find it all !

  71. blood, grass and mud mixture (sadly, more than once! I have 5 boys so its a continual issue all summer! They are so clumsy, always scraping up their knees!)

  72. israel y says

    grape juice battle

  73. Vivian D says

    I have always a hard time getting out grease stains.

  74. Pretty much everything my sons wear end up with tough stains.

  75. SweetPanda says

    Grease from meals that being dropped on light colour clothing

  76. purple Gatorade on the car seat

  77. i was an industrial painter and getting some of those paints and chemicals out of my clothes was almost impossible

  78. Oily hair product melted into cotton..ugh.

  79. Sarah Stickney says

    i struggle with armpit stains

  80. grease and oil splatter stains are the worst!! I can never get oil stains out.

  81. Robyn Bellefleur says

    Bacon grease on my shirt.

  82. favgreen(Rhonda W G.) says

    Yellow mustard seems to be the stain here!

  83. Red wine is a very tough stain for me to get out.

  84. edmontonjb says

    My boys are really into skateboards and scooters so I’m always having to fight blood and grass stains together from them falling.


  85. sarah sar says

    Now that soccer season has started I’m having to clean out grass stains from my kids’ clothes every weekend!!

  86. Elaine Buonsante says

    The most stubborn stains that occur in my house are grease spots on my husbands shirts right on the chest are.

  87. caroline m. says

    I have a lot of trouble getting drool and food stains out of my 1 year old’s clothing.

  88. All my 1yo’s clothes have food stains that just won’t come out going through the normal washing machine way or even hand washing! She ends up lookingdirty even though she’s wearing clean clothes. 🙁

  89. Juliee Fitze says

    The worst stains I have to fight are oil and coffee stains on my tops.

  90. Tara Betterley says

    The worst stain that I had to fight was cooking oil/grease and red wine.

  91. I have had to combat a stain from a bleeding nose :s Not fun!

  92. The worst stain I have had to fight recently is from an oily salad dressing

  93. Melanie Borhi says

    a mixture of beer and coffee on carpet by bf of course .

  94. Krista M says

    There’s been a lot of stains in this house but mustard all over my son’s clothes is my #1 enemy to combat. It’s frustrating to pre-treat, soak, wash & start all over again because it refuses to disappear.

  95. Carol Denny says

    Grease from cooking is hard to get out.

  96. I tough stain I frequently have to fight is cat pee smell on my clothes! I’m a cat sitter and yes sometimes I get peed on!

  97. Jeanette Jackson says

    Honey and Garlic BBq sauce…. a week old.

  98. Grease stains are what I find the most difficult. I need to wear an apron more often

  99. Jenness M says

    Grass stains are the toughest!

  100. Trying to get motor oil out of my husbands clothes is next to impossible! Sometimes I think his stains are worse than our boys! Thank you for a wonderful post and giveaway! Good luck all 🙂

  101. When my Lily was a puppy, she got a hold of a pen. Blue ink on beige carpet. Went to the store and it was the pharmacist who told me OxiClean mixed with rubbing alcohol. It came right out! Seriously saved the day!

  102. The guys are working on cars, motorbikes, quads and cars so oil and grease are the worse for me.

  103. aarone mawdsley says

    red wine or ink are hard stains

  104. Debbie S. says

    Haevy duty mechanical grease and oil, and yes diesel. Yuck!

  105. I tend to often have to wash out grease or oil stains; I find them very difficult to remove.

  106. Melissa F says

    With little kids I have lots of stains to clean! I find blood stains hard to remove.

  107. The toughest stain I have had to fight was oil

  108. angela m says

    I toughest stain I had to fight was grease stains.

  109. Amy Worrell says

    The worst stain I ever had to get out was silver sparkly paint on my white carpet. UGH – I was devastated but remembered that I had some oxi clean in my laundry room. I gave it a try and it actually worked!!

  110. For us it is grass stains on our kids pants.

  111. The Chef at my house gives me impossible grease stains to get out!

  112. I’ve ruined a lot of shirts during movie night with grease stains from the popcorn with extra butter. 😉 More often then not it becomes a shirt that I need to throw away, ’cause the stain remains. I wonder if I would have been able to save those shirts with Oxi Clean. Will have to try that next time… there will be a next time.

  113. My little ones are always bring home stains lol . I would say with the millions of stains to get out I find grass stains the most frustrating

  114. We use Oxi Clean all the time and love it! The hardest stain it worked on for me in the not too distant past was on salsa and not just a little bit either. We are talking a whole bowl, right on my hubby’s light blue shirt! It was awful, but OxiClean did the trick!

  115. raspberry stains

  116. I find everyday sweat stains challenging.

  117. Wine and makeup stains 🙁

  118. Dianne G. says

    Beet stains are the toughest I have encountered while doing laundry.

  119. Grass stains are difficult to launder.

  120. Elizabeth R says

    It is grass stains for me, all that lawn mowing at home.

  121. Lipstick is very difficult to get out!

  122. Carole b. says

    Chocolate stain happens often here!

  123. Anu Chopra says

    Pen stains and grass stains are really hard to get out!

  124. Worst stain I faced was melted red freezie all over new bedding! I washed several times and treated with OxiClean & in the end it was good as new (phew!!)

  125. I swear to god the toughest stain ever for us has been banana – ground in mushy banana is impossible to get out. I use Oxi Clean also often. I have a lot of it here. We get standard stains otherwise – grass, dirt, blood, mud from the kids bicycling through puddles etc.

  126. Elva Roberts says

    I accidentally spilled bluing on a beige rug and it took me days to wash and rinse it out. It taught me a lesson about carrying things that stain about our house. Fortunately, Oxiclean is a really wonderful stain remover.

  127. nicolthepickle says

    I have a really hard time with tomato soup stains.

  128. Love everything Oxiclean! My toughest stains are always grass and dirt on my kids’ pants. I use Oxiclean to remove them now. It works great!

  129. Barbara Hutcheson says

    Red wine on a white carpet-had to replace carpet!!!?

  130. Glenn Stone says


  131. Chocolate. On my favourite White TNA hoody. Nieces; can life with them, can only dump them back on their moms 😛 I never got that stain all the way out tho 🙁

  132. Viv Sluys says

    Grease stains and tar stains are a fight here. Dandelion stains are pretty awful too!

  133. Surso S. says

    my toughest stain is grease

  134. Brenda Penton says

    The toughest was a coffee stain on my yellow blouse. I could not get it out.

  135. Nicole B says

    So many stains but the worst is grass mixed with dirt on my 5 year olds uniform white shirt. Worst ever color for kindergarten!

  136. Christine Couture says

    Grease and Wine

  137. Grass stains are the aorst for me.

  138. If I’m talking about my kids, the stains are endless, but I find for my clothes oil based stains are the worst. Like from cooking oil, or an oil based salad dressing.

  139. Karen C. says

    Oil is the worst

  140. 16 years ago – I stayed with my sister after the birth of her first child… after the requisite feeding and burping, you could hear the tummy rumbles, and their anterior escape. I was getting ready to change her, and my sister said to wait a few minutes. Again, more evacuation noise…when it finally stopped, I changed her….. well… I thought she was done, but apparently not. My khakis got a healthy dose of new born poop on them. All I could do was stand there, trying to cover up the projectile pooper, while my sister laughed herself silly.

  141. Shaaron K says

    BBQ sauce and mustard

  142. Blueberry stains are hard to get out. My family are pickers (we live in N Ontario where there are lots of wild blueberries). I have what I now refer to as “picking pants” because they’re so stained they’re not good for much else. I’ll remember to try Oxi Clean in future.

  143. Audrey Skinner says

    Fat or grease stains are the worst that I tackled.

  144. Martha Crandall says

    grass stain in the summer

  145. the worst stain I had to battle with was curry chicken. took several days and several products but I finally got rid of the stain

  146. Holly OGorman says

    I am constantly dealing with pizza stains!

  147. Valerie Mallette says

    One tough stain I’ve have had to fight is an oil stain on a shirt I got when cooking one day. It took many washes/stain treatments to remove it completely.

  148. My husband is always working on vehicles and fixing things. He stains his clothing with grease and that is one of my hardest stains to get out.

  149. Erica Seaman says

    Grass stains on the knees of my son’s jeans.

  150. doreen lamoureux says

    Grass stains from playing soccer. Those are so stubborn

  151. Jaclyn Mercer says

    Chocolate stains on a white dress.

  152. Nicole Jubleew says

    The most recent was bacon grease on a new shirt.

  153. Diana Corlett says

    Blood stains are the worst….especially once they’ve set.

  154. Cat poo in the carpet is always fun.

  155. My daughter started playing soccer again and I recently had to clean grass stains on her shorts. The worse!

  156. Grease and oil stains are the worst!

  157. Mustard and grease(oil) are the worst

  158. grease and oil from work

  159. at a family gathering last year my nephew gave me a big hug and got grease stains all over my khaki pants (he was eating fried chicken). That was pretty hard to clean off for sure.

  160. Grease stains are horrible as well as the ketchup/tomato sauce

  161. Alan Haines says

    Bacon grease seem to be my toughest stains

  162. blood stains are the worst

  163. My most problematic stains have always been blood, either from the kids scraping themselves outdoors or picking sores or even the dog cutting his foot on something outside.

  164. I had a wine stain on my wedding dress! Thankfully the ceremony was done!

  165. Lindsay T says

    I fight tough stains weekly! My husband is a mechanic, lots of grease!

  166. vomit stains from my dog when she was sick

  167. Susanne McCarthy says

    Grease stains on my shirts from cooking!

  168. Laurie P says

    Chocolate popsicle stain on my toddler favorite dress just happened……

  169. Jennifer P. says

    I have tough fights with sunscreen stains – when I accidentally get sunscreen on our kid’s clothes and swimwear it leaves a yucky yellowish stain that I struggle to get out. And they often don’t show up right away so I find myself treating settled stains instead of fresh, which makes them that much harder to get out.

  170. Michelle Robbins says

    My husband always leaves chapstick and gum in his pockets.

  171. Lorraine Squires says

    Blood stains. OxiClean always works!

  172. Lisa Voyce says

    I find grease to be a hard one to deal with.

  173. Alea Eliiott says

    Blood stains, most definitely. My toddler once managed to ram her finger up my oldest daughters nose which resulted in the blood gates opening. The shirt she was wearing wasn’t saved 🙁

  174. mommakoala says

    Cooking grease is brutal!

  175. I recently had red wine spilled onto a brand new white jacket which had dried and now you can’t even see the stain at all.

  176. oil stains and soya sauce are difficult stains!

  177. Grease stains are always difficult to get out of clothes.

  178. Pasta sauce was the most recent one. Had to get it out after being on my daughters dress at daycare for half the day.

  179. I’ve tried to get cherry stains off of a shirt, but was less than successful.

  180. Black shoe polish

  181. My husband is a mechanic so his uniforms are always greasy with oil and perspiration.

  182. Blood stains from when I tripped and fell on my face due to an uneven sidewalk.

  183. Debbie D. says

    Blood stains are really hard, if at all, to get out.

  184. Joanne Saunders says

    My toughest stain was either ink or bacon grease.

  185. Jo-Anne Welton says

    Difficult to get out car grease from my outfit having contact with well lubricated hinges.

  186. Ketchup is very difficult or pasta sauce~ and I always get it on white clothes.

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