4 Ways to make your Backyard more Kid Friendly

Summer has almost arrived, and the last day of school for your children is near. No kid wants to stay cooped up inside the house during summer vacation, and there’s no playground safer or more convenient than your own backyard. But do your kids want to play in their own backyard? If not, now is the time for a backyard makeover to make your space more inviting. Discover the following four ways you can transform your backyard into a safe, kid-friendly place for play.

Go Yee-Haw for Seesaws

see saw

Image via Flickr by harmishhk

Your kids can enjoy hours of fun bouncing away on a backyard seesaw, and a DIY backyard seesaw is fairly easy to build. This project will take about a day to complete once you have all the materials. To stabilize the seesaw, you can either build a wide base stand or dig a post hole about 18 inches deep in your yard.

Don’t consider yourself the handy type? Don’t worry; larger hardware stores sell ready-made seesaws, some of which can spin during use.

Light Your Backyard

Fun lighting can change the character of a backyard. Patio lights from sources such as Christmas Lights Etc can both beautify your yard and serve a useful purpose. These lights will help your kids to see in the backyard if they’re playing at night.

Your lighting can be as functional or as decorative as you want. If you want to make more of a decorative statement, think about hanging some candle lanterns or placing lighted palm trees in your deck or garden during the summer months.

Set Sail With a Sandboat

Building a sandbox may be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools or skill, but anyone can create a sandboat. All you’ll need for this sandbox-in-a-boat project is an old rowboat or dinghy.

Place the boat in the yard, fill it with sand, and add a few buckets and shovels to give your kids their own sandboat. If you want to make the sandbox more sophisticated, cover the box with a canopy attached to surrounding posts to shield your little sand sailors from the sun.

Fire Up Some Outdoor Energy

A fire pit in the backyard opens a world of possibilities — with plenty of adult supervision, of course. You and your family could have a backyard campout, tell ghost stories, and sing campfire songs around the fire. Naturally, no campout is complete without roasting marshmallows for s’mores, so make sure you stock all the supplies you’ll need.

Hiring landscapers to install a fire pit can get pricey, but you can buy a ready-made fire pit and install the pit for a few hundred dollars. The expense and level of installation will depend on the material and fuel source (gas or wood).

What’s the best part of a kid-friendly backyard? You get a kid-free house you can enjoy for a few hours to yourself. But who knows? Your backyard’s allure might be too much for even you to pass up.


  1. Those are neat ideas

  2. if any cats can get into your yard, make sure you have some sort of cover for the sand box. Check your local laws about fires…here you need a permit and sometimes theres fire bans in your area

  3. nicolthepickle says

    We have a firepit, but don’t use it that much. It’d be fun to make it pretty and landscaped.

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