This Father’s Day, Go Ask Dad #GoAskDad #Gillette

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I am a true believer of keeping the lines of communication open with your children. Growing up parents had to compete with our friends for advice. They would hope we would use common sense and do what was right. Now they are competing with our friends, but also the internet. You can search for almost anything online. Any question you have you will find the answer online.

But does that answer really work for you?

Just because something is online, does not mean it is correct. And if it is, the internet does not know you and it can not give yo the guidance or detailed info your dad can.

If you have a question about dating, shaving, dressing, dancing, cooking etc This Father’s Day, Go Ask Dad!

My boys were watching tutorials online about fishing. What is the best bait? What rod catches what fish etc? Little did they think to ask the guy who has been fishing the area since before they were born. When they did, they were happy how much information they received. The warm fuzzy feeling was great for all.

Yes the world is at your finger tips. But nothing beats experience and love from those around you. Your dad knows you best after all!


In a world where screen-time often outweighs actual face time, the internet has become the go-to source of information.  Teens are turning to the internet for answers to their every question.  Through a simple search, the internet can serve up a surplus of videos and how-to articles in seconds, but do the results truly give the answers teens really need?   This Father’s Day, Gillette is reminding people everywhere to “Go Ask Dad” for answers to their everyday questions.  While your Dad will certainly appreciate a card (or a new razor) for Father’s Day, taking a moment to ask his advice will mean more to him than you might guess.

Check out this Father’s Day video from Gillette where real teens and their fathers participate in the “Go Ask Dad” experiment.  In the end, they come to an important realization: while the internet may “know all,” it turns out that Dad may actually “know best.”


This Father’s Day helping dad look his best doesn’t have to break the bank. Forget ties, socks and underwear, get dad a gift he’ll actually use and his face will love. The new Gillette Fusion ProShield razor has lubrication before and after the blades so his skin will be smoother and shielded from skin irritation and at only $14.99 the Gillette Fusion ProShield won’t irritate your bank account either. To take your gifting game to the next level, why not get dad a subscription to so he never has to worry about going out to buy blades again.

I realize this video is geared towards Fathers and sons, but the same would go with Fathers and daughters. You can follow the Go Ask Dad challenge online using the hashtags #GoAskDad #Gillette

Did you watch the video? What did you think?


  1. I loved the video,dad is always the best

  2. Nice video. Thank yo for sharing something so powerful.

  3. My kids have gravitated towards wanting more advice from dad as they’ve gotten older. I think they crave that bonding.

  4. With fathers day coming up, this is such a relevant post and so emotional, kept me caprivated!

  5. Dad’s are super important. Moreso than in learning to shave or bit a hook, but the presence of having an involved dad to go to and learn from changes a kids life. Let’s celebrate Dads for all they do. It’s an important job.

  6. Father’s Day is still a struggle for me, since my Dad passed away 13 1/2 years ago. We were very close – I still miss him every day, and he definitely knew best!

  7. Elizabeth O says

    What a moving message and video. I hope all of us stop and think about what Father’s Day truly means, then we should go out and celebrate our dads. 🙂

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