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We were at a beach BBQ over the weekend. Someone shouted from a boat “What time is it?” Almost everyone looked at their phone to see the time. We kind of chuckled but it gave us a chance to talk about something we normally would not, watches. Remember years ago when everyone had a watch? Now kids are hardly even learning how to tell time with everything being digital. It is kind of sad if you think about it. I for one love to wear a watch. I love seeing my man wear a watch and I really love the classic tradition of telling time on a traditional clock face.

A watch can accessorize your style while adding function to your look. When working, playing or just hanging out it is better to check a watch than your phone. We had been on the look out for a watch for my husband for quite some time. Finding one that fit his lifestyle while looking good was a bit more difficult than we had imagined. It was a true blessing when JORD reached out and we had the opportunity to try out one of their wooden watches.


With Father’s day being around the corner I casually showed hubs a few styles from JORD watches. He picked out the Dark sandalwood watch from the Fieldcrest series. This beautiful watch is available for $129 We felt it fit his style perfectly. Something he could wear while working, playing with the kids, fishing and hanging out with the family.

We grew up on tree lined streets with slow driving cars, and plenty of friends to play on the pavement with. No matter the season, the weather was always perfect and the sun always went down too soon. Life is good. Life is simple. No need for the bells and whistles. Just like our Fieldcrest Series. Magnify your personal style with the depth of color in the dark sandalwood; a true compliment to all skin tones.


We had sent in his wrist measurements and hoped for the best. I must say I was a bit surprised at how perfectly the watch fit when it arrived. The colour and feel was great and it adjusts nicely for easy on and off.


If you are looking for a gift for dad that is unique and looks good this Father’s day, check out JORD Wooded Watches . There is a watch for every style and every dad

Which watch would you choose?

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  1. Elizabeth O says

    They are quite lovely in design and function and would make a beautiful gift. Father’s Day is around the corner so that would work. 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, I no longer have my Dad around, as he passed away 13 1/2 years ago. I always struggle through this month, because of Father’s Day. I do like the Sandalwood watch, though – it’s really different, but attractive.

  3. I’ve actually already picked out a Jord watch for Father’s Day for my husband. He’s been dropping atomic bomb sized hints. LOL

  4. Cute. I like the style of the watch. I bet it looks amazing on.

  5. I adore my JORD watch. I wish my husband was able to wear one but his job won’t allow. I plan to buy him one though for his birthday, they are fabulous!

  6. I am not a watch wearer, but these do look very nice!

  7. Catherine S says

    JORD watches are so nice. I got my husband one for our anniversary and he loves it.

  8. JORD watches are exceptional. My hubby would love this!

  9. That is a really nice looking watch. I would love to get one for my hubby!

  10. I love the look of the watches. The wood look is very unique.

  11. Their watches are so pretty. I love the darker wood ones. They’re so perfect for gifts.

  12. I really like the look of Jord Wood Watches. I will have to check out their website and see if they have a His and Hers style. I’d love to get them for me and my hubby on our wedding anniversary.

  13. JORD watches are amazing! My husband owns a few that he loves.

  14. What a cool watch great for father’s day and for those watch collectors. Cool that are made with wood =)

  15. I’ve been struggling with what to get for Father’s Day. This is just perfect. The watches are so unique, and yet practical.

  16. I love the look of JORD watches. I know a watch lover that would be so happy to get a JORD watch for her birthday.

  17. That’s a nice piece! I love JORD watches – my hubby just got one last month!

  18. My husband got a JORD watch a few years ago and he loves it. The new styles are really elegant and I think it is time to get him another one.

  19. What an awesome looking watch, I know my hubby would love this!

  20. I love my JORD watch that I got last year. They have really cute and stylish watches and so very unique. Makes for some amazing gifts!

  21. I love the look of those watches. They look stylish and oh so unique!

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