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When I walk into a store I love to look around and see what is new. If there is a person handing out samples, I am there to try them out. It is hard for me to spend money on new products I have not used before, not being sure what they are like. The temptation is there but I hesitate. I have a few I have taken a chance with and ended up getting buyers regret, now they are still sitting in my cupboard. So for me, sampling is important.

I really want to try new products. A few times I have and discovered some really great items that fit my life and our home perfectly. With no in-store samples, I am torn. Do I spend the money and take the chance? Maybe a friend has tried it and I can ask them? Maybe not. Many times we have different cleaning and family needs, so trying products out for yourself is important.

Well P&G brands know how tricky it is to choose new products you have not yet tried. Many of their products need to be tested at home and can not be sampled in store. But they want you to try them out and see for yourself how great they are without committing to full sizes.

Luckily for all of us they have a solution.


Introducing brandPACK

For a low price, you can try products from your favourite P&G brands such as Pampers, Tide and Swiffer. All you have to do is register at, select a bundle and they’ll send you new goodies to try at home!  Just pay shipping and taxes, starting at only $4.99.

Visit and choose your bundle today. While you’re on the site, you can also check out print-at-home coupons for up to $55 in savings on even more great brands.

Don’t delay; product is available while quantities last.


Order your brandPACK today and try these great products for yourself. Then when you decide they are right for you, you can take the plunge and buy them full size in store. There are five bundles available for you to choose from. Products included in the bundle are trial size (excluding Pampers). You need a credit card to order these bundles.

I can not wait for my brandPACK to arrive so I can try out some new products myself.

Have you ordered yours? What item are you most excited about trying?



  1. What a great way to try products without spending the full price, because sometimes you never know! $4.99 is a great price.

  2. That’s so awesome for P&G to come up wth the brandPACK. Samples are awesome and great to get a taste of everything and see what works and what doesn’t. I’ve been able to find my go-to faves this way. Haven’t tried this yet, but definitely peaks my interest. I’m always up for trying new laundry options and house cleaners.

  3. I like the idea of having sample to try before you buy it! You can test the product for a fraction of the price! $4.99 is a great price!

  4. Laurie P says

    I totally agree that 4.99 is a great price for what you receive…..however the did offer it for free at some point and I miss that.

  5. I think the concept is great….to be able to try a variety of samples.
    However, I’m not really sure I’d spend the money just to get 1 tablet sample for 4 or 5 products. Just my opinion….looking at the packages they’re offering, it doesn’t seem like great deals for me.

  6. Not sure if it’s worth it, but then I can’t get it anyhow because they don’t do paypal!

  7. These bundles are a great idea! A smart way to try out new products.

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