The Aftermath: Cleaning Up After Home Renovations and Accidents



Cleaning your home is not something many people enjoy doing at the best of times. But when something has gone wrong, or you have just undergone a major upgrade, it’s even worse. It’s difficult to know where to start.

  1. Water In The Basement

Water intrusion in the basement is not uncommon, especially in older homes. It can enter via your home’s walls or as a result of rising water tables. It destroys everything in its path including decor, carpets, and furniture. It can also leave behind mold which is a hazard to your family’s health. Undergoing wet basement repair is essential. Always call in the experts. They will be able to remove excess water and ensure the problem doesn’t occur again.

Once the problem has been rectified, it’s time to clean up. Remove all ruined furniture and other debris first. If possible, hire a skip so you can load it with the damaged items. To avoid mold forming, you need to dry out the area. Open all of the windows and use dehumidifiers.

Most carpets will need to be thrown away. However, if they are just partly affected, you may be able to salvage them. Begin by removing as much water as possible. You can use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to do this. You should then send your carpet to a professional for thorough cleaning.

Remove any wooden furniture that can be salvaged. Take out drawers and shelves and allow it to dry thoroughly. Most soiled furniture can be washed with a mild soap and water solution. Depending on the items they may need to be polished or revarnished. Certain items may need professional finishing services. Once everywhere is completely dry and clean, you can begin the process of redecorating.



  1. Renovations

Renovating your home can provide you with much-needed space or changes to the way your home functions. But the process itself can be stressful. During the updates, you have to contend with noise and disruptions. So it can be a relief when it’s completed. But before that, you still have the clean-up to organize.

Most reputable contractors will clean up as they are going along. But there will still be more to do on completion. Begin by removing debris and waste materials. Ensure it is disposed of correctly. Making changes to your home often stirs up a lot of dust and so it is important to remove this. Use firm sweeping brushes first and then vacuum as appropriate. Real-estate is hot right now, repcalgaryhomes can help you find the home you want. 

Areas that have become dirty or grimy will need to be cleaned. Because dust and dirt tend to get everywhere, it is worth deep cleaning. Start with the walls first, before moving onto the flooring. Use products recommended for the areas you’re cleaning.

If you need to lay carpet or flooring, do this before you tackle the decorating. This will avoid you having to repair scuffed or damaged paintwork. And finally, you’re ready to paint or paper the walls.

When the worst happens, and something goes wrong in your home, it can be extremely stressful. Once the problem has been contained and rectified, you are still left with the aftermath. Similarly, after the noise and disruption of major renovations, all you want to do is to return to normal straight away. Always act quickly, and go through a process of removing debris and then cleaning. Follow a process to avoid damaging areas you have already completed.


  1. Victoria Ess says

    Great step-by-step outline. This is such a stressful thing to happen to anyone.

  2. Great post! I’ll never forget the mess and dust from when we renovated the kitchen and turned the spare room into a kids room. Thankfully the little one wasn’t born yet and didn’t have to deal with that. Cleaning as you go makes the job less stressful but when you have someone being payed by the hour it’s not often that the clean as you go approach is used.

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