Forget the Money, Memberships or Motivation: Hassle-Free Ways to Move More

If the idea of paying a membership fee to a local gym seems like a waste of time and money, but still know that you should try and get off the couch a bit more often, the trick is to find some hassle-free ways to get some exercise, but without thinking about it or paying for it.

You probably agree that some things are worth paying for, such as a dental plan through someone like for example, but if you can find some ways to exercise without even realizing it, that is not going to cost you anything, that has to be worth thinking about.

You have to do something

The hard truth that you need to get your head around, is that you simply can’t expect to outrun your fork.

What this means is that if your diet consists largely of processed foods, junk food and plenty of drinks that are packed with calories too, there is only one way that your weight and health is going to go, especially if you are spending too much time on the couch.

Having issued that dire warning about what you could be doing to your body as a result of too many calories and not enough exercise, it is also fair to see that for some of us, it is still definitely difficult to work up the enthusiasm to head to the nearest gym.

If you know that you really should be doing something, here are some sneaky ways to get some exercise, without really feeling like you are exercising at all.

Walking and hiking

Most of the time, any walking or hiking you do won’t cost you a dime, but it can be a great way of getting some exercise while having a good time.

If you can arrange to go on a hike with some friends, that will make it seem like nothing like exercise, as you enjoy some great scenery, great company and raise your heart rate at the same time.

If you can’t commit the time or energy to a full-blown afternoon hike, aim to go for a walk. Even a 15-minute brisk walk should seen you cover about a mile, and feel a lot better for it. Try to walk to work or if it is too far, get off a stop earlier and walk the rest of the way. Anything like this on a daily basis, will soon become a routine and it will definitely make a difference.

Domestic chores offer an exercise opportunity

Although there are a number of us who approach the idea of cleaning the house with way too much enthusiasm, if you are a reluctant domestic warrior, there is at least an opportunity to turn these chores into a chance to get some exercise.

It often helps to pump up the volume on the sound system and set yourself a series of challenges to see how quickly you can get through your various chores. Turning your cleaning routine into a bit of a game and an unexpected workout routine, will give you a win-win scenario of getting some exercise and bringing some sparkle to your rooms.

Take the stairs

The time you take waiting for a lift to arrive, you could have already reached your destination, by taking the stairs.

Lifts are convenient for sure, but taking the stairs will give you a quick workout, and if you say no to the lifts on a regular basis, there is a fair chance that your body will notice the difference.

Video games, really?

The idea of playing some video games to get some exercise seems like a non-starter when you first think about it, but you can find some games that are more than capable of entertaining you and giving you a bit of a workout at the same time.

Wii Fit or Wii Tennis are two examples of how you can move around while interacting with a console. You might have to be a bit more creative if you are playing a conventional shoot-em sort of video game, but stand up and move around, rather than sitting on the couch, and you might manage to burn a few calories.

These are just a few examples of how you can get some exercise without really thinking about it or trying too hard, so even if you don’t like going to the gym, there are plenty of ways to get creative and get your blood pumping.

Taylor Mills studied kinesiology and now works as a fitness and wellness instructor. She is a great believer in achieving a healthy lifestyle through making the right choices. She writes motivational articles on exercise, eating habits and more.

Hassle-Free Ways to Move More


  1. These are great ways to start losing weight without having to pay for expensive memberships that most people won’t even use. I try to take the stairs every single time in my building. In the beginning it was a bit of a hassle but now I don’t even think about it. I just do it and feel great :).

  2. Thanks for the tips!! My main problem is to get up and moving. I don’t think it really matters as long as one is moving 🙂

  3. I have just moved to a new city and have gone on epic walks every other day.The longest one was 9 kms!

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