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I often share tips for saving money when shopping and using coupons and loyalty cards to get rewards. If you are shopping for things you need anyway, why not get rewarded? Many of us are living the best lives we can trying to support our families on limited budgets. Doing so does not mean you can not use credit cards. Having healthy finances means knowing what your budget is and living within it and learning to manage your bills. When my children became adults I told them how important it was to have credit and had them apply for a credit card as soon as they could. They both have good jobs and drive a vehicle they own. It is good to have one for emergencies and to help keep you on budget. You use it to buy what you know you can afford monthly and you build your credit while not going over your monthly set amount.

Now combine this with a card that rewards you for using it. Rewarded for buying groceries you would buy anyway? Super bonus


Introducing the Scotiabank® More Rewards®* Visa* card

Apply at: ­ More Rewards grocery partner locations, Scotiabank branches ­ or online at


Shopping for your day to day items comes with up to 6x the points that can be used for travel.



Want even More Rewards?

  • 6 More Reward points per dollar spent at all participating More Reward partner locations and 4 pts per dollar on all other spend
  • Enjoy frequent in-store bonus point offers
  • + additional points when you double dip with More Rewards Card
  • No cap on spend or earn potential
  • No annual fee

Redeem on the spot at OFG Store locations, and for travel and merchandise. Locations include Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea Foods, Urban Fare, Cooper’s Foods, PriceSmart Foods.

More Coalition Partners

  • Coast Hotels in Canada and the US
  • Oxygen Yoga & Fitness
  • Jim Pattison Auto Group
  • Vancouver Hino
  • Speedy Glass in British Columbia and Alberta
  • Petro Canada
  • Accent Inns in British Columbia
  • Canadian Direct Insurance
  • Panago Pizza
  • More Rewards Travel

Wouldn’t you like to earn free travel for just buying the things you normally do day to day?!?
With $0 annual fee and insurance options, this is an affordable credit card anyone would be happy to use. Price Protection, Purchase Security and Extended Warranty can give you peace of mind on all your spend.


Save more and get rewarded with these tips

  • When shopping look for sales ahead of time. Plan your trip and make a list
  • Check out the clearance rack for more great deals
  • Use coupons and money saving apps to get cash back on your purchases.
  • Use loyalty cards for individual stores that allow you to collect points towards rewards.
  • Use your Scotiabank More Rewards Visa card on your purchases and 
redeem for travel and other great rewards. I have a lot of places I want to visit! This sounds like a great way to get to your dream destination faster.
Where would you go with your rewards?

This post was produced in partnership with Scotiabank® More Rewards®* Visa* but all opinions expressed are my own.




  1. I love redeeming rewards for fun stuff. This looks like a great card with great partners too!

  2. I love that you can get rewarded! That’s always nice. I love to save money or get rewarded like this, so this is really nice to have.

  3. I love reward incentives. Those really are a make it of break it when I am looking for banks!

  4. Nancy Polanco says

    I’m with Scotia and I love the rewards. 🙂 Thanks for this head up though, some I didn’t know about.

  5. LOL petro is prob the only thing on the list that pertains to sk sadly

  6. I love earning rewards. I save them up and use them for travel when I can. I will have to go and get the Scotiabank More Rewards Visa card.

  7. I love any card that you can earn rewards on! It makes it such a great way to earn some bonuses while taking care of day to day business.

  8. A card with rewards is 100% the way to go. I don’t think I’d do it any other way.

  9. Redeeming programs are great. I do a few myself and it is always fun to get stuff for ‘free’!

  10. Cheryl Grandy says

    I love loyalty programs, but I make sure not to buy things I don’t need just to get the points.

  11. i have started using loyalty programs lately and i love them. i love it when i have enough to redeem the points. lol

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