Getting Creative with Kiwi Crate this Summer #DoodleCrate

Summer is a busy time for families traveling and getting in all of the things you normally do not have time for. But there are also days where you want to relax and be more low-key. Days where a fun craft with the kids is the perfect solution to tackle boredom or too much screen-time. My youngest loves to express her imagination and show her creative side. She loves to paint, draw and loves to glue things together.

This summer we had the opportunity to check out Kiwi Crate and one of their Doodle Crates. It arrived in the mail containing everything we needed to create a wooden clock. Kiwi Crate is a subscription box service that helps your child develop their curious nature and creative side. The Doodle Crate is for ages 9-16 (or younger with parental help). Each crate contains quality materials that will help your child design and put together the DIY project sent. Every month a different crate will be sent out for your child to create something new. The inspiration sheet will give your child ideas on how they can change things up as well as a step by step tutorial with pictures to complete the project of the month.

Our project was the Wooden Clock

Wooden Clock

We unwrapped the box and contents. Everything we needed was there minus the battery and scissors. But there was paint, glue and pieces for the clock.


The fun part my daughter liked most was she had creative freedom with this project. She chose how to layer the wooden sheets and how to paint the boards for her clock.


Once she figured out how she wanted them layered we glued the sheets in place with the supplied glue. Once it dried she painted the boards how she wanted using the supplied paint and brushes.


Once dried we removed the center screw and put together the clock mechanism. Then we wrote on the face of the clock to make it easier for her to tell the time.

Here is our final project.


We added a AA battery and the clock worked perfectly!

This project was fairly easy to do and took less than an hour. Perfect for a rainy day where my kids would normally want to sit playing on the computer. My daughter is now requesting another crate so she can make even more fun projects!

Order your today! You can order this for your child or gift it to someone easily online. This crate service is available for USA and Canada Shipping. The more you order the more you save!


For younger children you can order the Tinker Crate or the Koala Crate.

Kids love getting mail and using their imagination. This is a fun and great gift to give any child you may know.

Check them out online at

This is a sponsored post by Kiwi Crate as a part of the Insiders Program on Bloggy Moms.  All opinions are my own


  1. This is such a cool idea!! Everyone loves crafts, but the hardest part is figuring out what to make and getting all the supplies. This makes is super easy and quick!

  2. This is so cute! Arts and crafts are fun for everyone!

  3. Sometimes its hard to pick what kind of craft you want to do. This makes it really easy to make sure that you’re not missing any supplies too!

  4. These look like so much fun. I wonder if my daughter would like to try this. It’s nice that they supply almost everything you need.

  5. This looks like something my grand kids would love. I’m going to check this out for a birthday gift!

  6. That is a really neat project! My girls love crafts like these. They would love this! I’ll have to check out Kiwi Crate. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Oh how fun! I love this kind of thing. Very fun for the kids and for mom or dad, too!

  8. The Tinker Crate would be a great gift for my friends little ones. I love to do crafts with the kids. It is fun to see what they are going to create.

  9. Maggie branch says

    This is a super great idea. I think this would be an awesome gift. I love giving the gift of an experience or something to do.

  10. Both my daughter and sons would have loved this. Projects like this that are fun and educational work great during the summer.

  11. I’m a huge fan of kiwi crate! We love all the fun surprises with arts and crafts for the kids!

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