How to Host the Ultimate Ladies Night In

Leading experts say that good friendships literally make you healthier, increasing your life span and boosting your immune system and making you feel generally happier as a whole. So it’s probably about time you and your lady friends had another night, after all, who are you to argue with leading experts? If possible it’s good if you make it a concrete monthly promise to get together, even better would be twice a month if possible. When it’s your turn to host, here are some top tips for hosting the ultimate ladies night in.

Party Food

You probably don’t want to be cooking on your ladies night in so the best idea is to order a Chinese or a few pizzas. That takes away a large portion of the stress, that just leaves the snacks to take care of. In our opinion you’re going to want plenty of crisps and dips, a cheese and meat board, popcorn and then of course some chocolate, you can’t go wrong with maltesers, minstrels or maybe some luxury truffles. You could always get your creative juices flowing and experiment with a few appetiser ideas, all guilt-free of course.

Wine Tasting

Ask each of your friends to bring a bottle of wine, plus buying a few cheapish bottles yourself, then sit around the sipping the different varieties while saying fancy things about the bouquets. You also can’t go wrong with a couple of bottles of Prosecco or an affordable Champagne complete with strawberries in the flutes. You may need to try each of them more than once, you know, for quality control, and be sure to get a taxi home.

Fun & Games

Entertainment is a must so make sure you’ve got a variety of games in store. Maybe it’s a game of pin the tail on the donkey, (or a more adult variation thereof). If you and your friends fancy a bit of gambling fun you can have a game of bingo or even test your blackjack and memory skills with the all new Ladbrokes Memory Game. You could get creative with a cookie cook-off or cocktail creator game. Dust off the Just Dance Playstation game or the karaoke machine and have a little friendly competition with your pals. These are just a handful of games that will ensure giggles galore, just what the Doctor ordered on a Friday night after a busy week at work.

Movie Marathon

Bust out your DVD’s, load up your Netflix or fire up your Amazon Prime and screen a series of chick flicks for you and your friends. There’s only one rule: all of the films must star Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth, and then you all take a sip of your cocktail whenever the actor in question pops up topless. You could even turn this into an old-school sleepover with gossip, facials and pyjamas.  You can even get out some of your boxsets, because you never see Friends or the O.C too many times.

These are just a few ideas for planning that great night in but when it comes to the night itself, it’s important you get to sit back and enjoy yourself. Then when the night is over you get to look forward to it being somebody else’s turn.

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