Life Preserver Donuts

So the kids are home and most likely already bored! Time to get creative in the kitchen and make something fun and yummy! These Life Preserver Donuts are a fun treat for the summer. Chances are you already have what you need in the house and if not, they are easily found. Great for snacking or entertaining lots of kids at once. Check out the recipe below


Life Preserver Donuts

What is Needed:

• Hostess Mini Powdered Donuts

• Wilton Red Decorating Gel


1. Remove donuts from package and lay onto parchment paper or a paper towel.

2. Open your red decorating gel and snip off the tip.

3. Firmly press on the tube and draw a line of red decorating gel across the donut. You want to make an X but leave the middle of the donut open (meaning do not apply gel to the middle of the donut)


4. Allow the gel to dry before placing into a container or bag.

5. Serve and Enjoy!

These fun treats are great for pool parties, Shark themed parties or just because. Add in some gummy sharks for a little extra fun!

Just be sure the kids eat these after swimming and not before 🙂

Life Preserver Donuts


  1. These are so cute! Perfect for a summer pool party!

  2. Awe,those are real cute,2 weeks out of school and im hearing “im bored” already.

  3. Oh my goodness! These are adorable!!

  4. These are so cute and perfect for a pool party!!

  5. These are fun, and so easy. I love the idea.

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