Men in Love: Understanding How His Heart Ticks

Being in love is blissful, especially in the beginning.  At the onset, it seems like everything goes right and that it will always remain that way.  However, after the initial bliss is over, people have more time to think about the person they’re dating.  Moreover, people begin to think about individual roles in the relationship.  “Is he happy with me?” is a common question that women in love ask.  Here’s how to understand what makes his heart tick.

What Makes Him Feel Needed?

Men want to feel appreciated and needed.  However, no one wants to feel like they need to be someone they are not.  For example, if you hint that you would love him to build a new bookcase or plant roses in the front yard, yet he doesn’t own a hammer or have a green thumb, you will make him feel lesser than.  Understand his strengths and make him feel loved, appreciated, and wanted for the skills and attributes he has.

What Makes Him Exhale?

What makes him feel at ease?  Some guys like to take walks; some men enjoy watching movies; and, others like to be alone to feel relaxed.  Understand his moods and what he likes to do to feel at peace.  He will respond to a woman who understands how to make him feel comfortable.  Plus, some men are not good at communicating what makes them feel at ease.  For some, it takes the intuition of a woman to inspire relaxation.

What Turns Him On?

It’s true that guys are normally ‘in the mood.’  However, if you really want to know what makes him tick, you need to know what gets him excited.  It’s likely he will make the ‘first move,’ but if you really want to impress him, know what he likes, be bold and the one who makes the first move once in awhile.

How Does He Act Around Other Women?

No guy wants to be with an overbearing, jealous woman.  However, guys want to feel appreciated, which means they don’t mind if you keep them close when other women are around, as to let them know he is with you.  Also, you need to know how he acts around other women so you can remain confident about the relationship.  If he is a committed man, he may flirt with other women, but it doesn’t mean he will stray; he may like to feel attractive to the opposite sex.

What Are His Daily Moods?

Some guys are energetic in the morning and lose energy throughout the day.  Others love to sleep-in and feel best after nightfall.  Some enjoy being around other people while others like to avoid crowds.  Know your man’s personality and moods.  That way, you can understand why he responds and reacts the way he does.  For example, if he has a stressful job and exerts a lot of mental energy during the workday, he may be edgy and irritable at night.  Knowing his daily flow will help you help him feel relaxed, and it will be easier to predict his behavior.  If you’re wondering why men pull away, it may be because you never analyzed your boyfriends close enough.

What Does He Like?

Does he love a particular musical band? Is he a huge fan of the local football team?  Does he prefer to go to the theatre versus a dance club?  Get to know his likes and dislikes.  Of course, he should want to know about you too.  Some men are not good at telling women what they want.  Consider how impressed he will be if you can order his favorite beer at the bar, know the record of his beloved sports team, and that he prefers spicy foods over sweet treats.

How Does He Feel About Family?

Does he want a family?  Knowing about his upbringing and his family will help you determine if he wants one of his own.  Is he the adventurous type who would rather travel the world with you versus staying in one place and settling down?  Would he rather have ten kids or one child?  Get to know his ambitions and desires for the future.  This will help you know what topics to explore and which ones to leave alone.  For example, if he wants a family, you’ll know he will want to get married.  However, if he does not want a family, it’s better to avoid the subject of kids or owning a home until you’ve been together for a longer period.

Jamie Benson is a relationship therapist and having a degree in psychology he believes he is safe to help the masses with their relationship problems! Look out for his articles on lifestyle and relationship websites.

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