Old Age Hits Us All, Embrace It!

I think most people are scared of getting old. As soon as we find a single gray hair, we start looking for hair dye. If we develop wrinkles, we immediately call up a plastic surgeon. My question as a mom, a Christian woman, and a human is, why? Why are we so scared of the signs of our own mortality? It’s one of the only things that unites us all. No matter your religion, wealth, race or gender, we all die. It’s one of the only things on this world that is an absolute guarantee. But rather than embracing old age, we try to hide it. We buy the hair dye, we get the surgery, we use chemicals to bleach our teeth. Enough already, old age shouldn’t be seen as such a burden or a terrible thing. We’ve got to embrace the positives of age, and there are plenty to consider.


great grandparent

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Grandparenthood and parenthood are completely different. If you’re a parent you have so many responsibilities, it’s amazing any mom or dad can stay looking young. You have to keep the kids safe; you need to make sure they learn the right life lessons. It’s a scary world for parents these days too because we all of the different ways they can get in trouble. You guys know I love Pokemon Go. However, it’s a little disconcerting to see so many young kids wandering the street staring at their phone. They are often completely oblivious to what’s happening around them. Most are being left completely unsupervised as well. That’s parenthood for you and grandparenthood, is different.

You’ve got none of the responsibility and all of the fun. You can pop up and be with the kids whenever you want to. You can have as much or as little involvement as you want. You don’t have to tell them off or even tell them no. That’s the job of the parents. Your job is now to be their best friend, bring them treats and when they get older, money. You’ll be one of their favorite people in the entire world, even after they hit the terrible teens. Convinced old age isn’t so bad yet?

Holidays and Long Trips


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As you get older, you’ll be working less. If you’re a great little saver, then you’ll have a lovely cash nest to fall back on. This is going to make your twilight years better than most other times in your life. In fact, if you save well now, the only time that rivals retirement is your twenties. You’ll have the freedom to do what you want and better yet, the money to pay for it. Okay, you’re not going to be hitting the clubbing scene or having wild nights of passion. But you can still visit beautiful and wonderful places, seeing the world like never before. You might be surprised how much the seniors do live it up when they’re on holiday. Some are just as crazy as the kids on vacation. It all depends on how you want to spend the rest of your life. You can go anywhere and do anything without boundaries or limits. Old age can be an incredible time if you start planning for it right now.

Looking Good, Who Cares?

Once you reach a certain age, I have some news for you. No one is looking at you expecting to look like a model. It’s not like when you’re twenty, and people notice if you don’t put makeup on. They won’t stare at you like you’re a cave troll. They’ll probably be completely oblivious to the way you look. This is disheartening and brilliant at the same time. On the one hand, you’re well past your glory days. On the other, you can roll out of bed in the morning and be ready to go out in minutes. Yes, I know, you’re still going to take pride in the way you look. But it can be reassuring to know nobody is going to notice if you don’t look your best. You are finally free of the vanity of the human condition. Stop looking at your wrinkles in the mirror because chances are; there’s nothing you can do about them. At a certain age, they are here and here to stay.

There’s another great advantage to this too. You’ll spend less time on maintenance. There’s a lot you need to do when you’re young to stay health. You’ve got to clean your teeth, exercise and eat well. When you get older, it’s too late. You’ll already have dentures, and the most you’ll need to do is find a dentist that repair dentures. But, when you take them for a repair you won’t get a lecture from hygienist.

Life’s Cheaper

When you’re a kid, you get discounts everywhere. Kids can go to Disney for free. That’s mainly because, ironically, they aren’t able to go on most of the rides but still. When you’re a parent, things are cheaper because you don’t have to pay as much for your kids. It’s that middle time in between when you don’t have kids, and you’re not a parent that things are expensive. Once you reach old age, things get cheaper again. You’ll get discounts on everything from cinema to travel, and all you need to do is admit that you’re over sixty. I think we can all agree that’s worth a little embarrassment from revealing your age.

You Can Say Whatever You Like


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A tad cheeky this one, but true nevertheless. We don’t expect elderly people to be politically correct. Everyone else needs to watch what they say as it becomes increasingly clear freedom of speech no longer exists. The elderly? They can say whatever they want, and people just laugh. At a certain age, you seem to earn the right to express your views and opinions. Even, if they are opinions that other people do not believe in or agree with.


There you have it then; perhaps we should stop avoiding the signs of old age and just embrace them. If you do, life after sixty really could be the best years of your life.

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