Back to School with Crayola

For some families, back to school has already begun. For many others, it does not start for a few more weeks.  I always have mixed feelings about this time of year. We spend a lot of time together as a family and the summer goes by way to quick! However I miss the structure and schedule of the school year and my children miss their friends.

This year my daughter’s school is trying something new for school supplies. They are supplying everything we need for a small fee. As a mom who hates the mall this time of year, I love this idea. The only issue is they expect the kids to share a lot of the items with the class. Now, I know sharing is good and all, but it is not so fun when your stuff gets wrecked.  My daughter was super bummed about this and worried more than needed. I told her the stuff we buy through the school would be for at school and she would still have her special stuff at home to use. I am going to see what the teacher says about sending in stuff to the school as well.

This year we partnered with Crayola to feature some of the classics we all grew up this. The reliable quality products I personally buy whenever I am looking for supplies for my kids. This year I have one in elementary school, one in high school and another in college. So we can never have too many supplies for school.

Crayola back to school

I love how Crayola sticks with the classics yet they are always adding new products to their line. Changing up colours and making things fun for the people who use them while still remaining affordable.

Fun colour quality items help get the creative juices flowing and spark so much imagination in all. My kids can not wait to use their new markers, pencils and crayons this year. The bright colours will surely allow them to express themselves through their work.

Crayola has been part of our lives for as long as I can remember and they will continue to be 🙂 Crayola produces the only box of regular-sized crayons made in North America! The world is your canvas with Crayola Dry-Erase, Fabric and Window markers. Kids can use more than just paper to express their creativity this back to school season!

All of these products and other Crayola items can be found in Canadian retail stores across the country. You can read details about each at

What is your favourite product for Back to school from Crayola?


  1. Crayola products are so much better quality than many of the other products available! I’ll never forget when I tried to show my kids the joy of making your own rainbow crayons out of broken up crayon pieces… and they didn’t melt. At all. Only the crayola crayons still melted. What the heck are the other ones made out of?

  2. I love crayola. It’s part of my childhood decades ago and is still the best.

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