Back to School with Hallmark #LoveHallmarkCA

I have older kids who are heading back to school next month. I actually have one who just started college this month and needed some supplies. This time of year is always a bit of a chaotic challenge but I find it tougher when shopping for teens. When they were younger their teachers would send home a shopping list. We knew exactly what they needed and how much of it was needed. I often had my shopping done the first week of summer. Now it is a different story.

Supplies needed for teens depends on what classes they will be taking. Mine have 4 classes on semester and a different 4 next. We did recieve a schedule but it is not going to work and needs to be revised. So we are literally just picking up basics for our high school aged kids. Then once school starts we will rush out and get what is needed.

One thing all of my older kids need is a calendar to keep track of their schedules, preferably something small. Another item they all mentioned to me was a journal or notepad to take notes. Luckily Hallmark sent me just what they needed.


Hallmark is known for their fun items that are the greatest quality. Their notebooks and planners are exactly what my children needed for back to school. They even had some fun stuff the youngest could not wait to get her hands on.


Fun print socks and Peanuts glassware are great for expressing your style this school season.

The Peanuts glasses

Peanuts® is the classic comic strip turned TV special that holds a special place in the hearts of children and adults alike. These tumblers feature skeptical Charlie Brown and blanket-toting Linus, the friends who are so relatable we just can’t help but love them. Learn more about our partnership with Peanuts.
  • On each tumbler: Ha ha ha!
    Good grief!

The planners have pretty covers and lots of pages to fill up your schedule.

This year my kids will be more organized than ever thanks to Hallmark Canada. Take a look for your self and see what is new at

What do you think if these fun new items from Hallamark?


  1. Back to school time is my favorite and I don’t even have kids! I am in love with those kitten socks. I’ll have to pop into a store!

  2. Doris Calvert says

    I love the Peanut glasses, so cute!

  3. There’s nothing quite like a fresh new notebook. And those cat socks are hilarious.

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