Back to School Shopping with Teens #Groupon #ad

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When you have teens heading back to school your pocket boo feels it! They pretty much need all of the same supplies as they did when they were younger multiplied by four. Binders for each class so they can leave the others in their locker. Brand name clothing and of course electronics. I still remember when my oldest was in high school and her teacher gave her homework to do online. How can they assume every family had access to a computer? I get that most do now, but this was a few years back. Now all of my teens homework is done in Google Drive and it is normal for kids to have their teacher’s email address for questions. It is an ever changing world and parents need to adjust to it.

I have changed the way we do back to school shopping when it comes to my teenagers and their school needs. I start as early as I can and make sure to get the needs before the wants. Luckily things like backpacks last year after year but shoes do not. Shoes are where the majority of our school budget goes each year. As the boys entered high school we bought them each a laptop for them to use. They each have a phone on pay-as-you-go as well to keep in touch with us and friends. Technology is a big part of their lives. One way our shopping habits has changed is by looking for the best deals online. Groupon Goods like head phones, laptop and phone cases can be bought with a large savings. Check them out and see what you can save on for your child’s school year.


If you are looking to grab a few last minute back to school items for your teen, pop on over to  Groupon on Facebook for their latest deals and products.

What challenges do you face when it comes to back to school?


  1. I’m all new to Groupon, and need to check more of it out!!

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