Canadian Twitter Party Calendars for Canadian Bloggers to Submit to

A great resource for bloggers who host and moderate Twitter parties, is the calendars many of our friends post. These twitter party calendars help us spread the word of our upcoming parties. These bloggers have a page they devote and update often promoting Twitter parties and chats hosted by others. This great resource is then available for their readers and followers to check and follow.

Another benefit to twitter party calendars is to reference them when scheduling a party. Whenever possible if you can schedule your party to not fall on the same day and time as another, you are ahead of the game.

When I get hired on to participate in a party ,by hosting or moderating or being a paid panelist, I go to all the blogs I know with this service. I then add all the info in and happily know the party is getting additional coverage. Many of these will tweet out the party as well so not only do their blog followers see the event, but their twitter following as well.

Submitting is easy

Follow the instructions on each to submit your party. Some have a form for you to fill out, others require an email. As a Canadian I try to submit to Canadian blogs as they will have the demographic I and the client are looking for. Sadly they are not always easy to find.

Below you will find a list of blogs that host a Twitter party Calendar for you to submit your event info to. These ladies offer this as a courtesy, a free service, so be kind and polite when communicating with them. It is great to have the support of other bloggers when we are all trying to make our way in this online world.

Canadian Twitter Party Calendars

Canadian Twitter Party Calendars

Mommy Outside the Box- Contact via Contact me link above calendar to submit

Mama Bears Haven- Contact via contact form above calendar 

Multi-Testing Mommy- Add your info to the tab at the top of the post

Tea & Nail Polish-Email details, info at the bottom of the page

Star Struck Luck

Twitter Chat Schedule -The chat schedule includes (when available) Twitter Chat hashtag, primary chat topic, description of what’s discussed during the chat, moderator(s) Twitter username(s), Day of week chat takes place, chat time, and link for more information.

American blogs that are Canada friendly

A Magical Mess Fill out the form to submit

Box Roundup lists a daily calendar

You can add yours tot eh monthly linky at as well

If you know of another please send me a message via my contact page  I am only looking to add those that are updated often and are bloggers in Canada.

Hopefully you will find this list useful. If you are not a blogger but love to participate in Twitter parties, you will want to keep your eyes on these calendars as well.




  1. Excellent resource list! Thanks for adding AME!

  2. Hi! Just an FYI, Box Roundup requires payment in order to post your Twitter party info.

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