Enjoy the Outdoors While Protecting your Family (Giveaway CAN)

Summer may be coming to an end for many but enjoying time outdoors with your family does not need to end. We still have plenty of great weather ahead of us and I for one am always looking for a reason to hang out and enjoy it. If if it gets a bit cooler, we will be outside. No matter how much we love the outdoors, we do not always like everything that comes along with it.

For me I am always worried about the sun and getting burnt. Having proper sun protection is a must for me and the kids! My favourite spot in my yard is actually on my deck as it is nicely shaded by a big tree. I can sit out there for hours doing whatever I like and not worry about getting too much sun. Only thing is, the bugs are still annoying and they always follow us. Nobody likes bugs, they seem to always ruin a good time. This is the dilemma, how can families enjoy the outdoors while not letting it get ruined by bugs?

I like to always plan ahead and prepare for everything, this includes being prepared in case of nasty bugs. Having a Ultra & Watertight .5 Medical Kit on hand all year long is a must. You never know what accidents may need a little attention.

Taz Stuart (former City Entomologist in Winnipeg) has great tips and tricks for Canadians looking to remain bug-free.

Protecting yourself & your family:

1) Mosquitoes are everywhere and as the risk of West Nile Virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis – even the new Zika virus – are ever-present, you need to protect yourself and those around you.

2) Limit your time outdoors when mosquitoes are there most active at dusk and dawn.

3) If you need to be outdoors, you can avoid mosquitoes by wearing light coloured, loose fitting clothing and use Natrapel – 6 hour   to provide yourself with a DEET free option.
Natrapel 74ml Bottle Eng STRT2

4) Drain, dump, treat, cover any water site that mosquitoes can develop in. Mosquitoes develop in the water so no water in your backyard ensures fewer mosquitoes.

5) If you have been bitten by a nuisance or vector mosquito, After Bite Outdoor  is a fast relief option to get rid of that allergic reaction.


After Bite CA Gel BunnyBee Box RT

Ticks, especially black legged ticks, are ever present and can transmit a variety of human diseases.

1) The adult stage is usually the most recognized in May-June when they are easily found on you, your pets when you’re outdoors in long grassy or treed areas with an edge environment.

2) Ticks are still active and present literally all year. Currently, the nymphs are present currently and if attached to you for more than 24 hours can transmit diseases like Lyme.

3) Protection and treatment of tick areas in your yard, on your campsite, or at the soccer field is key for avoiding potential tick bites. Ben’s Ultranet Head Net   is a great option for you to protect yourself and your family from these dangerous aracnids.

Bens InvisiNet English STRT

4)  After being outdoors a thorough check of one’s body is key to make sure no ticks have attached to you or are looking to feed on you.

Wasps are a nasty insect that are getting more aggressive as the days get shorter.

1) Their primary food sources are slowly disappearing so sugar-filled and high protein snacks are more attractive – wasps can show up anywhere to feed.

2) Finding the nest and treating it is key in reducing these very aggressive and dangerous insects from ruining your backyard party or campsite.

3) Try not to treat the nest during the day as that is the most active time for wasps. Treating the nest at night when most if not all of the workers are present.

4) Wasps do not have a barb and they can sting many times, if you are hyper allergic carry an EpiPen to potentially save your life.


Whether on a campsite, in your backyard or at the soccer field, proper bug protection is key to helping you enjoy the last weeks of summer and the beginning of fall.

There is still plenty of time left to enjoy some family time while being outdoors. We plan on heading tot he lake to do some fishing and have some other fun things planned. The cooler weather makes it perfect for picnics and hiking as well, the crowds have pretty much gone home. Even camping out in the yard is a lot of fun when you can not getaway too far.

No matter what you have planned, enjoy it with those you love and make sure you are all protected.

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Are you planning any outdoor time? I would love to hear about it below.


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This is a sponsored post brought to you by Tender Corporation, as always, all opinions are my own 


  1. Tara Betterley says

    We love camping till Mid october.

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  3. edmontonjb says

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  79. The bugs love me so I always have a tube of After Bite with me. I love how it works instantly.

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