Enjoying Summer with my Pinnacle Vodka Classic Survival kit @PinnacleVodka

Summer really does not last long enough! The long warm days and bright skies enjoyed with friends and family are my fave. Unless it is raining, we are outside daily and nightly. We enjoy BBQing, sitting by the campfire, star gazing and hanging by the lake. Sometimes all at once.

When we are not enjoying the outdoors, we are working in the yard getting it guest ready. Weeding, gardening, mowing the lawn and moving around dirt from one side to the other. Luckily I have my Pinnacle Vodka Classic Survival kit here for when guest show up unannounced.


The classic Canadian summer season goes by too quickly, you blink and you can miss it!

Sometimes, it’s fun to make backyard fun into a design project on its own! Whatever the classic occasion: an “island” party in your kitchen, playing in your garden [or more accurately battling the weeds] or a bonfire with the classic marshmallow roast, you’ll be prepared with your Pinnacle Vodka Classic “company is coming” Survival Kit.

My Pinnacle Vodka Classic Survival kit included:

  1. A bottle of Pinnacle Vodka Classic
  2. A survival cocktail guide, including which cocktail to serve with each occasion
  3. Gourmet popcorn – every get together requires yummy snacks
  4. Gourmet marshmallows – be the talk of the ‘hood with these tasty morsels at your bonfire
  5. Glassware – everybody needs a vessel for their cocktail


Suddenly our campfires were as yummy as they were fun! I could not wait to try the Vodka in some tasty recipes.

2 of my faves are featured below.

Pinnacle Paris Dream

1oz Pinnacle Classic Vodka

3 oz Cranberry Juice

garnish with citrus fruit

Served with popcorn for the perfect patio or campfire drink.


Pinnacle Handsome Ginger

1oz Pinnacle Classic Vodka

Top with Ginger Beer

Splash with lime juice

Garnish with fresh mint (I used the crystallized violets that came in my kit)


We have been enjoying the Pinnacle Vodka in a variety of drinks this summer. This smooth French vodka is nice with a variety of mixes. Pinnacle Vodka is great with Smores by the campfire or yummy pasta and garlic bread with guests. Pick up a bottle next time you are at the liquor store and try it for yourself.

Distilled five times for smoothness, this vodka leaves no doubt as to why it’s considered a classic. Whether in a shot, a simple mixed drink, or a finely crafted cocktail, the original Pinnacle® vodka gives you nothing but the best.

Visit www.pinnaclevodka.com for more product info and yummy recipes.


I received the above mentioned product free of charge. All opinions are my own 

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