Reacting To A Flood: The Things You Must Do

The following description of a situation will be horribly familiar to some. To others it may be less familiar, but still sound like a horror story. Rest assured, it is something that happens to far too many people.

So, one morning you wake up and, as usual, go downstairs. Something doesn’t sound quite right. Potentially, it doesn’t smell quite right either. You flick on the light and you look at the room in front of you. In the night, a pipe has burst and your carpet is now covered in water and who knows what else? Water is pooling near appliances, running down walls and into sockets. Fortunately no-one is hurt, but…

Household Disasters

This is something that can happen, all too easily. And if no-one has been hurt, it isn’t a tragedy but it can be a hugely distressing situation. The kind of property damage that can result from a burst pipe or other kind of flood is like a nightmare. In the situation above, that carpet is ruined just for starters. Appliances may have been destroyed. That’s not to mention the pipe, or the area where the water got in.

Immediate Action Is Required



If water is still flowing in, the first thing that needs to happen is that you find the source, and cut it off. Water can go a long way, and the more that runs in the more damage it can do. If all you can do is wrap duct tape around it, it’s better than nothing until an expert arrives. Once you’ve stopped the water coming in you also need to find a way to dry up as much of it as you can.

At the same time you need to cut the power to any part of the house where water may have got to the electrics. Water and electricity do not mix.

Salvage What You Can

Water, as well as being a bringer of life, can be a destructive force. Some materials, once saturated with water, will never be the same. Others, once dried out and cleaned, may be OK. Retrieve what you can and get it somewhere dry. You can come back to it later.

Call A Plumber



All of the above are immediate remedial steps that you can take. Now you need to ensure that you aren’t just fixing the symptoms. The cause needs to be isolated and repaired so it doesn’t happen again.

Assess The Extent Of Damage



At this point, you will need to work with a specialist to repair the damage caused by any water. Not to get too graphic, but if the water is anything other than pure, it will be a breeding ground for bacteria. It could also contain other harmful things, too. ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba or a similar company will be able to assess the extent of the damage and know how to repair it. Any trace of that stagnant water needs to go, as it could make people ill.

Whether or not this has happened to you, it is vitally important to ensure you have household insurance. The cost that can result from a disaster like the above can reach a quite high level. That is not what you need to be worrying about when your home has been so damaged.

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