Sell Your Diamond and Finance Your Next Dream Vacation

Traveling the world is something many dream of but very few actually do. We have been lucky enough to visit some amazing places over the years. My children share stories with their friends of places we have been and their friends share stories as well. Some love to stay local  and others seem to travel far and wide. As a child my family traveled a great deal and I often look back wishing I could take my kids more places.

Lately, I have been browsing the cruise line sites for potential vacations. I know many people dream of a cruise to a warm tropical destination, but my dream cruise would be to Alaska. If you go in the summer months the temperature is perfect. The beautiful scenery and potential for wildlife sightings makes it a must see for me. An Alaskan cruise leaves from British Columbia and sails along the west coast and throughout a bunch of beautiful islands.

Sadly, the one thing I have noticed when browsing is that cruises are not cheap. Yes , everything you need and more is covered once you are on board. Yes, they are family friendly and have different options as far as vacation packages. But it is hard for me to spend money on things that are a want. I am more of a need kinda gal. The cruises I was looking at were around $3000 per person for a week. It would cover various ports, food and entertainment as well as accommodations on the cruise.

It would be great if my family could go on a cruise to Alaska. It would be the perfect family getaway. To just find extra money to make it happen. As we all know ‘extra’ money is nearly impossible to find. We all have bills and things we need to budget for. So where will this extra cash come from?  I have actually found a great resource to help make my dream vacation a reality, it is as easy as mining your jewelry box.

If you have a diamond ring that you are no longer wearing, you can repurpose it to help finance a dream vacation.  So if you are looking to sell your diamond ring and are not sure of your options, check out Worthy.  as the new and fastest way to get the real worth of your diamond in today’s market. Many of us have jewelry sitting around we never wear. Items that may mean nothing to us anymore and for whatever reason are just collecting dust. Financing travel does not need to be hard. We do not need to break our normal budget to go away on our dream vacation.

I found when searching on line for a place to sell my diamond ring.  Worthy is a secure online auction that specializes in helping women sell their diamonds.  They are trustworthy, honest and very helpful every step of the way. The process is pretty quick and I was in control of my sale.  They helped me learn the true value of what I had by getting my diamond graded and photographed for their online auction.  I said YES! to the sale and within days I had the money in my account. I was ready to start booking my vacation and you can too.  So start thinking and get ready to head to the destination of your choice with your new found money financed by that old diamond!

To be able to give my family a vacation of a lifetime would be truly amazing. It would be great to do it without feeling the pinch of our day to day budget as well. It would truly be a week of memories being made for all.

If you could afford to travel anywhere with anyone, where would you go? Do you have a dream destination you would like to visit? Maybe you have already went on your special trip. Tell me where in the comments below.

Worthy Scholarship Information

Worthy is now accepting applications for its first annual Worthy Women’s Professional Studies Scholarship.

The new scholarship program supports and encourages women to renew, re-imagine and re-launch their lives as they restart.

The Worthy Women’s Professional Studies Scholarship 2016 offers multiple scholarships of up to $2,500 per recipient to women pursuing a new career.  To qualify, applicants must be enrolled at, or accepted to a Professional Studies Program at an accredited college of university in the United States for the 2016-2017 school year.  Candidates will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Subject & Content Relevancy to new Career
  • Chosen New Career Path

Submissions will also be evaluated based on applicant essays, which require candidates to offer meaningful and thoughtful response to essay question.

Be sure to pass this on to any woman you know who may be restarting their life.
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  1. It would be awesome to go on a cruise ship, but I know it will never happen for me, but I do and would love to travel to Nova Scotia some day!!

  2. That scholarship sounds incredible. I love that it gives women a chance at starting over! I’m a huge fan of cruising now. I never cared for an Alaskan cruise until recently. I used to live near where the cruiselines would go by in Northern BC so I figured I had already seen it all: whales, bears, glaciers, etc. However, it would be a total different perscpective. it’s on my one day list.

  3. If I had all the money in the world and I could choose where to travel to I think it would be in the South Pacific. I have always wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand and some of the islands like Fiji in Bora-Bora.

  4. The Worthy Scholarship Program is really cool. I love companies that give back.

  5. What a great incentive for women wanting a new start! It makes me want to rethink my path and go back to school!

    If I could afford to travel anywhere, I would definitely go to Australia. I have always wanted to go there and really immerse myself in the culture. I love the idea of repurposing my ring. It doesn’t fit anymore, and rather than making myself miserable, maybe I should consider what you suggested. Never even crossed my mind!

  6. I want to see the world. If money were of no object I’d start with some tropical islands during cooler weather and cooler places during the summer.

  7. That sounds like a great scholarship. I’ll be sure to spread the word! PS – I think you should take that Alaska cruise. I’m sure you can find a better deal than $3000/person. Plus the memories you’ll make will be worth tons.

  8. Alaska in the summer sounds beautiful. I didn’t know there was a website to sell your diamonds on. It’s great that they also offer scholarships.

  9. A cruise to Alaska would be amazing. I have been thinking of going on my first one in a few years. I wan to try a Disney cruise.

  10. I have never really had a vacation on that kind of magnitude before. I had no idea you could sell diamonds to finance this type of trip, good to know!

  11. alalisainfo says

    What an awesome scholarship! I have never been a cruise before but I’m totally willing to try.

  12. I would love to go on a cruise. My husband and I have always wanted to go on one. I just know it’s not going to happen for a while. Hopefully in the future.

  13. A cruise to Alaska in the summer would be amazing. I have been thinking of going on one and saving for it!

  14. I’d love to travel more. I never thought about selling my old jewelry to do it though!

  15. Boy oh boy did I need to read this! I’ve been wanting to sell my diamond ring from my first marriage. I even have my wasband’s ring to sell. 😉

  16. The Worthy Women’s Professional Studies Scholarship sounds amazing! I love programs that encourage women to be bold and pursue their dreams.

  17. I live in Alaska, and it is beautiful and worth a trip! If I could go anywhere it would be on a extend european vacation with my family.

  18. That could really help you launch a new beginning. What a fabulous thing!

  19. I love that scholarship! Women who are starting over need as much financial help as they can get.

  20. I love traveling a lot to different destinations and explore more about their traditions and culture as well. A cruise experience is something I wanted to go for long. The Worthy Women’s Professional Studies Scholarship sounds amazing and could be so much helpful for women to fulfill their dreams!

  21. Looks like a great resource. Getting even a fraction of the value back from a diamond can be very hard if you go through a jeweler. This is the way to go.

  22. This scholarship sounds like a nice treat for someone who is going back to school or changing careers. Also winning would give someone a big ego boost and be a nice treat.

  23. Wow, this is really cool. I will have to look through my jewelry box! Thanks for letting me know!

  24. I’ve only been on one cruise but loved it. What a great idea to sell jewelry you don’t where to go on a dream vacation.

  25. kathy downey downey says

    It would be awesome to go on a cruise ship someday,i sister went on an Alaskan cruise a few years ago and her photos and videos were amazing

  26. I have never been lucky enough to go on a vacation I would love to go on a cruise one day especially to Australia such pretty reefs and land

  27. I know my Mom would love a cruise to Alaska, I don’t know if I could go on a cruise ship after the last couple years of them stalling out, and the passengers suffering from it. I did, however, sell my diamond though. I ended up using the cash from it to fix my car!


  28. I’m totally going to take a look at Worthy! I’ve had a few diamonds I’ve been holding and just need to get rid of them! We just took a cruise and loved it so this is up our alley!

  29. The Alaskan Cruise would be such a wonderful getaway. However, my dream destination is Italy and Iceland.

  30. Elaine Buonsante says

    My dream vacation is to travel to the Canadian Maritimes with my husband on a road trip. We are leaving next month, flying from Vancouver to Toronto on points and then renting a car. What can be more beautiful that Autumn when to leaves are changing!

  31. That’s a smart idea. I don’t have any old diamonds sitting around but I would consider trading one for a cruise if I did. I’m not very sentimental about things and it’d be a good trade.

  32. I love the scholarship aspect of Worthy and the auction that can help you sell your no longer wanted

  33. Treen Goodwin says

    wow i would love to go on a cruise one day , it would be amazing to go on an Alaskan cruise 🙂 thanks for sharing !

  34. Elva Roberts says

    I love my home province of Prince Edward Island so much, I do not aspire to a dream vacation. If I could go on one, it would be to Ontario to visit the zoo there. I love animals and would like to see them up close and personal.

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