So Your Son’s Growing up: Some Ideas For His Birthday

Shopping for our children can be quite difficult, especially when they are growing up and seemingly have everything they could possibly want. Unique gift ideas seem incredibly few and far between, making it difficult to shop for those kids who are getting older by the second. It seems like only last year that your son was in nappies, and now he’s getting awfully close to those gruesome teenage years. Here are a few ideas of ideas for your son’s birthday.


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A themed birthday party:

Perhaps your son is a huge lover of minecraft (most kids seem to be these days), or maybe they simply die over Pokemon Go? Whatever it is that your son loves to spend his time doing, throw him a birthday party that revolves around this theme. You could have a Pokemon hunting party with Pokemon themed cake and Pokemon presents. It doesn’t matter what theme you choose, as long as it’s something you know your son will go crazy over.


You can’t go all too wrong with a good model of something – kids usually seem to adore them. You could get your son a collectors excavator model, or you could get him something he can build himself. Does your son prefer ships or planes? Cars or trucks? Whatever it is he likes, find out and cater to that interest. Gifts are all the more special when they are bought from the heart and mean something to the person receiving them. Don’t buy him something that appears meaningless, buy him something he’s going to love.

Something personalized:
You could get him a pen with his name on it (practical and fun). You could get him a card from moonpig that has a picture of him on it. You could even get your son a toy truck with his name on the front or a book that’s personalized, to be all about him. It doesn’t much matter what you get him, if it has his name on it then I’m sure your ageing child will absolutely love it.


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A money scavenger hunt:

If you’re completely stuck for ideas of what to get your son for his birthday, then you can’t go anywhere close to wrong with money. Let him buy himself something, that way you know he’ll like it a hell of a lot. But, make the money even more fun by hiding small amounts of it in different places and let him hunt it down. Hide it in places that will be both difficult and easy to find, and don’t give him any clues. It will hopefully tire him out at the same time as adding a little fun to proceedings.


So there you have some ideas for your son’s birthday that he is absolutely sure to love. Whether you throw him a themed party or get him something with his name on, I’m sure a fun and adventurous day shall be had by all – and you can cry that your son is one year older.


  1. julielaura1 says

    I love the idea of a money scavenger hunt it makes it much more exciting!

  2. Victoria Ess says

    The money scavenger hunt sounds really appealing!

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