The Awkward School drop off (BTS)

The first day of school is coming up for many kids.  For parents, it is a first as well. Many parents take their child to school and drop them off. They wait for the bell to ring and say their good byes. Yet they do not talk to anyone else at the school. Maybe the odd teacher or a parent they have gotten to know previously. But for the most part, nobody else. Nobody new.

I see this year after year after year.

Parents standing together and not talking. Avoiding eye contact, looking at their phones and not introducing themselves to each other. Not interested in making friends or wanting to get to know the parents of their children’s friends.

Why is this?

Do we feel we are better than the other parents? Are we standing there judging them. Judging what they are wearing and driving? Judging how they parent their children?

Are we shy? Awkward or maybe have we forgotten how to make friends? Are we afraid of being judged?

Sometimes I see parents I have spoken to many times throughout the day. They walk on by like they have never met me before, this puzzles me. Why does school drop off have to be so weird?

We teach our children to be friendly and introduce themselves to others. Why do we not do this ourselves? It is truly bizarre and I see it every year with children in every grade.

Parents, do yourself a favor and your kids! Say ‘Hi’ to the other parents. Get to know them. After all these are the people your kids will be seeing when they go to their friends houses for play-dates. These are the people who will be supervising school trips, volunteering at events and raising your child’s next BFF.

As a new year begins, I will continue to say hi and smile and introduce myself. Hopefully others will too 🙂

Awkward school drop off


  1. In a word, weird !! I live in SK so maybe thats the difference but here, in my town, we wave to passing cars, we say hi to people we walk down the street (I recently got caught talking to a random cat as I was pokemon hunting, then got closer to a yard and theres a woman smoking…i’M like, there was a big fluffy orange cat here, honestly, I’m not talking to the Cheshire cat!! and she’s like, oh thats mine LOL ..random stranger!!) And sometimes I’m not often sure where I know the person from ..I’M 51 and have lived in about 15 or more towns, 4 of them quite close to the town I now have lived in the past 15 yrs, and our town is a good stop to the city for getting gas because we’re cheapest, so the other day I saw a lady who used to work for my parents… had to think of her name for a minute or two LOL.

    • GingerMommy says

      I talk to everyone everywhere. But not all do. I do not really get why. we walk around our small town waving to neighbours, talking to people etc.

  2. sarah alexis says

    That is so true! I don’t have the priveledge of dropping and picking up my kids from school – but the same can apply to all sorts of occasions – I notice it at school events. It amazing how far a smile and a “Hi!” can get you – and how well it resonates with other people when you take the first step to be friendly and interact. Great role modelling for the kids too!!!!

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