Want To Cook Like Your Favorite Celebrity Chef? Just Follow These Tips

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So you want to be able to cook like some of the greats, including Gordon Ramsay and Martha Stewart? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s very possible to cook like some of the greats who you regularly watch on TV. And you won’t have to go on culinary courses. You will easily be able to teach yourself a few nifty tricks at home in your own kitchen. Keen to get started? Here are a few tips that can make a big difference to your cooking.

Get Your Temperatures Right

There’s one very common reason why our bakes and dishes don’t come out quite like they look in recipe books. It is because the oven temperature might not have been quite right. Unless you pay a lot of money for a specialist oven, the chances are that your oven might not be 100% accurate. So even though it has said it is at the temperature you need, it could be slightly too cool or too hot. The best way you can regulate your oven temperature is by buying a digital thermometer. Then you can turn the oven up or down depending on what the thermometer says. Investing in some induction pans can also help you better control the heat while you are cooking on the hob. Find out what the best induction cookware sets are by reading online reviews.


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Get Rid Of Kitchen Clutter

You won’t be able to cook properly if you are competing for space with clutter. Before you even start to think about cooking, clean up and wipe down all your work surfaces. Get all your ingredients and equipment together before you start. That way, you won’t have to hunt around for stuff once you have started. It can also be worth getting your kitchen trash can and putting it near you so you can quickly get rid of any food waste.

Annotate Your Cookbooks

We’ll have all tried out recipes where a little change to a recipe could have made all the difference. If this happens again, remember to make a note of it against the recipe in your book. Maybe a soup could have done with a bit less paprika? Or the recommended baking time for a cake was slightly too long? By annotating your recipes, you will find it easier to learn from your mistakes, which will help your cooking and baking continue to improve.


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Ditch Your Old Spices

Not many people realize that their dried spices and herbs have use-by dates. It is important that you throw away all of these dried substances once they are past this date. Otherwise, their flavor will fade and you won’t notice them when you add them to your baking and cooking. Ground spices will be the first to lose their aroma and flavor, so you should test them regularly. If they don’t smell of anything then there is no way they will taste of anything!

Toast Your Spices

Once you have got some spices that are within their use-by date, you should cook them slightly before you add them to your cooking. If you are frying your meat and vegetables, add your spices to the pan first and heat them up gently. This will help them release their flavor. If you aren’t frying, you should slightly toast your spices instead.


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Sharpen Your Knives

If your knives are too blunt, you will find cutting vegetables and meat very difficult. It will take you a lot longer to cut your ingredients up. Not only that, though, but there will be a greater chance of you cutting yourself. Getting your knives professionally sharpened will also help you to make your food look the part on your plate. Sharp knives will help you get clean cuts, which can improve the appearance of your cooking!

Buy Cheaper Cuts Of Meat

Cheaper cuts of meat are easier on your bank balance, but they also taste a whole lot better. Generally speaking, the most expensive cuts of meat only cost more because they are leaner. But if you buy cheaper and fattier cuts of meat, you will find that they add a lot of flavor to all your meals. So rather than spending money on chicken breasts, go for chicken thighs the next time you’re in the supermarket. It is also worth stocking up on random cuts of meat. Sometimes, butchers give away unusual cuts such as turkey necks for free. Keep these in your freezer so that you can always make a stock whenever you need to.


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Cook Double The Amount Of Rice, Couscous Or Bulgar Wheat

When you are cooking a meal with rice, bulgar wheat, or couscous, you should always cook double the amount of grain. You can then keep half of it in your fridge for any last-minute lunches and dinners. Having cooked grains ready to use at all times makes it so much easier to quickly whip up egg-fried rice, pilaf dishes, and hearty salads.

Keep A Well-Stocked Pantry

If your pantry is always fully stocked with all the basics, then you always be able to cook quick meals for your family. Some of the most important basics are milk, eggs, and flour. If you have these in your kitchen, then you can always cook up a batch of pancakes. It’s always good to have some tinned vegetables and dry foods like pasta and rice. You can then use these staples to make some easy vegetarian dishes.


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Seasoning Is Important

To really enhance the flavors of your dishes, you need to make sure that you season your cooking. Adding a pinch of salt and pepper can help to bring out all the complex flavors of all the ingredients that go in the dish. But you should be careful not to overseason food. Otherwise, you meals will taste too strongly of salt and pepper. There are other seasonings available for different types of food. Soy sauce is used widely in Chinese cooking, and a squeeze of lemon is a great addition to meals to cut through very sweet flavors.

Buy A New Kitchen Sponge Or Dishcloth

Whatever you use to clean your dishes with is going to get pretty dirty very quickly. Once it is dirty, it won’t be any good to clean your dishes with. If you continue to use a dirty cloth on your pots and pans, you might find that your food starts to taste slightly suspicious…


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Go Big With Mixing Bowls

When you are on the market for a new mixing bowl, it is important to always go for the biggest one you can find. If you buy one that only just fits in all your salad, you won’t be able to toss it so well. And that means your salad won’t be completely mixed up! Trust me, investing in a large mixing bowl will help you cut down on a lot of mess!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Sugar

Some vegetables could do with a small pinch of sugar to help season them. This works especially well with carrots, tomatoes, and squash. The extra sugar will enhance these vegetables’ natural sweetness. When you are using sugar as a season, you should be careful not to cancel the sugar’s effect by adding too much sugar.

Once you’ve started using these tips in your kitchen, you will never go back to your old ways! And you will be able to give Gordon Ramsay and Martha Stewart a run for their money too! But, more importantly, you will enjoy cooking a lot more!



  1. I believe using fresh spices and ditching your old one’s is important

  2. Elva Roberts says

    I love all these tips: from buying a kitchen thermometer, throwing out old spices and getting rid of kitchen clutter to name a few.Thank you for all these tips. Martha Stewart, look out!

  3. Treen Goodwin says

    great tips , i will def be trying some of these tips , i need all the help i can get 🙂

  4. These are fabulous tips to remember.They will make my cooking experiences so much better.

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