4 Fall Trends that are Easy to Mimic

Fall is almost here! That means it is time to flip that wardrobe into something a little warmer and a lot hotter- hotter fashions, that is! But do you have to get rid of all your summer pieces? And what’s hot for Fall right now, anyway? And do you have the patience, know-how, and cash-flow to make those Fall trends happen? In short- no, you don’t have to get rid of all of your summer favourites, some of those items are still hot in Fall, and you can save lots of cash by reusing them and following some of these tips.

Fall trends

Get back in touch with the 90s!

Yep- it has come full circle! The 90s fashions that most of us loved are back, which means you know just what to wear to be in style. But this time it comes with a twist. For example, those cute grunge fashions are made dressier with sparkles and lace. Those preppy looks are a bit dressed down with denim and flats. To use some of your summer clothing to get that Fall look from the 90s, try this: Pair some Doc Martens (or ankle boots of your choice) with a short floral skirt (you probably have one from summer) and a lacy tank top (also from the summer wardrobe) and a denim jacket. If it is too cold to just wear the skirt, try a pair of sheer tights under it and some knee high socks. One of the best parts about this trend is that you can often find 90s fashions sitting in the second-hand store- or maybe even way in the back of your own closet!

Neon is On

Neon wasn’t just for summer, so don’t toss out those neon pieces, yet! You can still wear them for Fall, but pair them with something a little more neutral and dull to play them down a bit. For example, a neon tank with a black cardigan, some skinny jeans, a pair of black pointed toe flats, and a light summer scarf (keep these out, too) can make a wonderful Fall weekend outfit for running errands or having lunch with the family. It is classy, bright, pretty, and comfortable all in one.

Layer it up!

Fall is the perfect time to layer on clothing because the weather isn’t quite hot anymore, but hasn’t made it to cold, yet, either. The best part of this trend is that all your summer basics can pair with your Fall basics and you have a whole new wardrobe! For example, those denim shorts you were just starting to really enjoy can be paired with some black or printed leggings, ankle boots, a neon tank under a white t-shirt, a black cardigan, and a cute scarf or hat. Basics can be worn again and again and are super cheap to buy at most retail spots.

Experiment with colour

Aside from neon, colours will be everywhere this Fall. Blues will be paired with peaches, oranges and greens will collide- nothing is off limits. Stripes and polka dots will go together. Patterns and solids will fit in a way they never have before. The name of the game is unique and fun, whimsical and a bit off-center. The only way to get this trend is to get creative. One fun thing is that vintage (AKA: old and previously used) will be hitting the scene in a bigger way, so go thrift shopping and let your imagination run wild!

How do you prepare your wardrobe for Fall?


  1. I had no idea the 90’s were coming back. I think I still have some original 90’s clothes in my closet.

  2. Those look so sassy! Thanks for sharing this. I always love to get the look for less.

  3. Reesa Lewandowski says

    I am definitely going to be experimenting with more color this fall! I have seen a lot of looks that I am loving.

  4. I was not much for Neon the first round lol, but I love the idea of layering your look!

  5. I’m not too sure about the Neon look. I do like the layering look though.

  6. I will have to get a few more colorful pieces. I love that the 90’s fashions are back.

  7. I love to layer when the weather gets cooler. I will have to hold on to the few neon pieces I have from summer.

  8. Oriana Romero says

    I love to add a punch of color to an outfit. I will have to pick up a few more neon pieces to add to the mix.

  9. I actually really love fall. I love to see that the 90’s are back, that’s great! I always loved the 90’s styles.

  10. O I LOVE fall colors and layering it up!

  11. Kristin Lesney says

    As my kids have gotten older I find myself trying to more trending. Thanks for the tips.

  12. I had noticed the 90’s styles were showing up. I personally LOVE that era so I’m excited.

  13. I am loving the fall trends this year. Thanks for the easy tips. Definitely keeping them in mind.

  14. Love al these tips! The 90’s were my favorite decade and the good news is I am a hoarder so I can totally recreate the looks you shared! #ftw!

  15. I have been noticing that the Doc Martins style is coming back into play. I did not get to take advantage of that style as a kid but i can as an adult!

  16. Good to know neon is back in style. I have a gorgeous neon Obermeyer ski suit from the early 90s and haven’t worn it in years, but I guess this season I’ll have to wear it on my first trip up to the mountains to ski!

  17. SherryDurr says

    Fabulous article. I am looking more to some fashion clothing in neon colors. Neons are one of my best. And I think pairing it up with little and delicate hand stamped jewelry http://annbijoux.com will be great.

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